Thursday, December 23, 2010

AFP journalist hurt while taking pictures of brutal police repression in Venezuela

Codigo Venezuela publishes the pictures of the brutal police repression of students denouncing the new unconstitutional university law.  Apparently the journalist was attacked.  Also published in La Patilla, here, here, here and here.  and an ex general pro Chavez and now anti Chavez, Rivero, was also hurt.


  1. Charly6:36 AM

    Meanwhile "el huevon supremo" declares "que me dejen trabajar en paz", to what point can chutzpah get to? The Cantiflas of politics!

  2. Chavez and cohorts clearly don't believe in Christmas. But do you think they believe in hell? Could they know the meaning of a long stay in a purgatory waiting room? I know, this is the opium of the people, but the people have the right to hope.

  3. Bob Sacamano2:48 PM


    Have you seeing this picture?
    WTF is going on there? That MF is even crazier than last week.

    Hope you have a (somehow) nice holiday.

  4. It is hard to wish folks a Merry Xmas under these circumstances, however I wish at least a small corner of peace for all in the middle of the storm.Good luck and God bless each and every one.

  5. Just want to mention that as usual the BBC radio was minimizing the outrageousness of Chavez's actions.They just mentioned that some students were demonstrating against the government increasing its control over the Universities and that they were confronted by police with water canons and rubber bullets.

    No mention that " increasing control" implies an involuntary takeover and repression of democratically elected University management.
    People should be confronting the highly slanted BBC for their underhanded support of Chavez.Often sneakily done, not by what they say but by what they omit. Of course they would claim they have limited space to cover this.Yeah, like a hole in the head.

    That would be more convincing if it weren't for the fact they ALWAYS leave out important information that is disadvantageous to Chavez.

  6. Hola Daniel Feliz Navidad. Los mejores deseos para el año nuevo 2011.

  7. Roger1:35 AM

    The only good thing to say about this is that these students have grown up with this for 12 years now and are still not sold on Chavezimo. I would suppose there are some but never have I seen anything even resembling the youth organizations that we have seen in real communist and fascist countries. Pictures of the barrios show no kids wearing red tee shirts just their rags.


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