Saturday, December 11, 2010

And as expected we are going to get another enabling law

Hitler style, Chavez loves enabling laws which allow him to rule by decree, dictating laws that go and stay in the books without any discussion.  Considering that the next assembly will be controlled by his folks there is not even the hope of amending them to minimize the damage.  So today he formally requested an enabling law to be voted as early as next week.  In it he wants to get special powers so that he can dispose of urban land and housing for the victims of the flood and fiscal power to pay for the necessary measures.

Translation: he wants to make it easy to seize any urban building he needs/covets; control/seize any construction business paying for them someday, maybe; take away any authority on rescue or reconstruction from opposition governors so he can say that they did nothing for the victims; and probably more, much more, as far as getting free budgetary control for a year or two even from the most basic assembly inquiry.

In other words he is taking the rain crisis as an excuse to gut the opposition of the only influence it could have in the next assembly, to control what happens with the public monies, EVEN at the local level.

Now, if the intention of Chavez was to really help the people he does not need an enabling law.  A mere credit/special-tax law can be enough as he controls already all the mechanisms that would be used to rebuild the damaged area.

Plus imagine all the benefit for the already overwhelming corruption in Venezuela able to use all of that special rebuilding money without any control!!!


  1. I thought you might like this one, Daniel:

  2. Pete

    I had heard about it... But there are only so many idiocies I can write about in one day... just 5 posts today, 4 short ones perhaps but still 5 posts... I can't take it anymore!

    Now, if I see the picture of him under a tent in the Miraflores back yard.....

  3. I'll try and find a picture!

    I understand the pressure - but keep going. Your blog (and Miguel's too) tells us what's REALLY happening there.

  4. When I tell people I've given up on this country, it is because I really think the only way the opposition will ever get into power is through a civil war.

    I don't think Chavez will allow the opposition ot take the reigns of the country if they win any election. I honestly think there is no hope in this country without a war.

    I honestly do with Venezuelan's the best. Heck, my wife is a Venezuelan and all her family. I just don't have much hope left that the worse will not come to pass, but if I'm wrong, I would be much happier.

  5. Island Canuck11:50 PM

    A very interesting point.

    The "Ley Habilitante" can't be issued for for then the term of the current AN.

    Not that this will stop them.


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