Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Bloggers with a grip

Gustavo Coronel has reached his post 2000.  We must congratulate him for many reasons.  He is retired and came out of retirement to become a prolific writer whose research articles appear in specialized oil magazines and sites.  Out of his blog, writings and opposition to Chavez he has gone places, from congressional hearings to invitations at international events to lecture us of the evils of chavismo.  As he wrote a while back, he had planned to retire simply in Valencia but chavismo did not make that possible.  As such from forced exile he has become one of Chavez formidable foes outside of Venezuela, been quoted regularly here and there (yesterday he was a "mancheta" in Tal Cual, picture included).

Although I do not know him personally I have corresponded with him often enough to consider him a friend.  But more than that, even though I respect greatly my other fellow bloggers for their hard work, dedication and sometime riveting texts I must confess that the one whose style has on occasion influenced some of my writing was Gustavo.  For someone as proud and arrogant as me (according to some, anyway), it is not a small feat to admit that.  One may or may not agree with his politics but one always finds something interesting in his texts, and no one in the oppo web manages irony, mockery and sarcasm with the right measure as he does.


  1. Daniel,

    You are the definition of a true liberal in the sense that the term implies open-mindedness and generosity of spirit.

    In our efforts to confront Chavez it is important that those in the opposition who have different ideologies can still value each other's contributions to the cause.
    If not we will have Chavez for a long long time...

    Gustavo rocks.He pulls no punches in exposing Chavez's absurdities with facts and figures when appropriate.In addition, a refined, mature and well informed gentleman.

  2. Charly1:39 AM

    Well deserved, the future of this country is in the hands of people of principle like Coronel and you Daniel.

  3. Daniel, you and Gustavo are so much alike in your views. Congratulations not just to Gustavo, but to you, as well.

  4. Milonga6:13 PM

    May I join in your enthusiasm and congratulations? Both of you are my referals!


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