Tuesday, December 28, 2010

For your "dia de los inocentes" entertainment

There is a little podcast that we did Fausta and yours truly about the dictatorship set in Venezuela.  Even someone informed like Fausta was speechless on occasion.  Have fun with it.


  1. Anonymous10:12 AM

    Thanks for clearing the reality of voting in a non democratic one

  2. Good job, Daniel. I think that should be very informative for those who haven't been closely following events here.

    It was interesting that even Fausta, a very well informed person on Latin American politics, was shocked at how "in your face" this package of laws was.

  3. capitankane7:33 PM

    speaking of Dia de los Innocentes,

    Eva Golinger cracks the shits and asks her hounds to take down lapatilla


    Must be good to be untouchable

  4. Anonymous3:10 AM

    I can't still get over how you speak English with a French accent instead of an Spanish one!!!



  5. Excellent interview.

    I found it interesting that at the very end, nearly as an after- thought you mentioned that the government will not be able to apply the laws it has passed and as a result the country could descend into chaos.

    On the topic of Carter, I must say that I,in NO way, believe in his innocence or good intentions.If he could not do his homework then he should not have agreed to the task.This is called responsibility.At the very least he could have withheld his judgment because of incomplete information.

    But what can you expect from someone who just attributed N. Korea's motivation for bombing the South Korean island as " designed to remind the world they they deserve respect " ?

    I like Fausta's question as to why journalists mostly fail to pick up the real situation in Venezuela as most do not pick up the extent of what Chavez is doing.For example, they should call a spade a spade which in this case is a legislative coup.

    Why do they not pick up on what Chavez does? I believe it has nothing to do with ignorance, but rather with interests, and ideology."Let's cut Chavez some slack because he is trying to help the poor."

    More people should expose these journalists for their irresponsibility, instead,however people keep giving the benefit of the doubt to the status quo.
    If journalists are that dumb and innocent then I expect them to be fired, and if not, exposed.


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