Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Idiotez del día: Elena Linares del PCV culpa al capitalismo por las lluvias

Uno entiende que los miembros del pequeñísimo y casi insignificante partido comunista venezolano (PCV) traten duro de arrimarse a la candela, pero es que a veces.....  Elena Linares del buró dijo que la culpa de las lluvias recientes la tiene el capitalismo por no respetar las condiciones ambientales y no se que mas burrada.  Digo yo, ¿esa señora sabe que Venezuela le vende petroleo a los capitalistas?  Esa señora ¿sabe que los chinos tienen hoy en día el peor récord de contaminación ambiental del planeta?  ¿Sabe ella que los soviéticos destruyeron a su país?  ¿Se paseo ella alguna vez por el récord ambiental del régimen que ella apoya?  ¿O es que no no ve los tubos de escape de los vehículos en el centro de Caracas?  O la deforestación del Avila, perdón, Guaraira Repano?  Etc...  Pobre mujer, ¡las cosas que tiene que decir para que le llegue la quincena!


  1. Bueno Daniel, la Sra. tiene razon, pana. Todos sabemos que la culpa es de el programa HAARP http://boingboing.net/2010/01/18/haiti-haarp-and-cons.html

    y es responsable del terremoto en Haiti y quien sabe que mas desastres.

    Segurito que los capitalistas quieren destruir a Venezuela a ver si les regalamos el petroleo para salvarnos!

    Ya va, esperate, no regalamos el petroleo de todos modos?

    Hmm, se me cayo esa teoria......

  2. Whats up with the Spanish posts?. Are you switching the Blog to spanish?

  3. jfe

    i am trying to broaden up my base, so to speak :)

    if i could find good writers willing to commit at least one post a week in say, spanish or french, then i could limit myself only to english. the thing is that in english my work is done in that whomever counts outside in venezuela knows that chavez is a piece of shit. to keep the blog interesting i need to branch out some, in french i can write at agoravox whenever i want as long as i steady my stomacj to the flow of insults. and in spanish here under the "vnv spanish" tag on topics which i think are of more interest for spanish readers only. let's call it an ongoing experiment and see where does this lead. but worry not, if that is the case, the blog will always remain at least 75% english.

  4. Seems like there is one way her comments make sense - if she expects the gringos to buy the oil, but never burn it.

    No problem with Spanish posts here, but the fact that you're looking to outsource posts in French raises a question: couldn't find a good writer with a grasp of that language? ;)

  5. Off topic, but interesting: http://www.foreignpolicy.com/articles/2010/12/07/the_tea_partys_vendetta

  6. torres4:51 PM

    She may reply that it is the capitilistic side of the socialist nations that do the bad. The socialist side of the capitalist nations are the only good thing about them. Capitalism bad, socialism good...


  7. Anonymous8:24 PM

    Use google translate. It gives a decent if flawed conversion.

    Can you give the link to a Google English translation for posts in Spanish?

    I try to read the Spanish as a learning exercise prior to doing any translation.

    You are absolutely right about most people outside Venezuela already knowing that Chavez is a waste of oxygen. It is the 30 percent of Venezuelans that need convincing.


  8. RWG

    I suppose you mean a link directly into the post, a widget of sorts? Not easy with blogger. Suggestions on how to do that accepted.

  9. Daniel,
    On the Google home page, go to Language Tools. Then "Translate a Web Page." Copy address of your web page into box. Select Spanish to English. Then click on Translate. The URL of the page that comes up can be pasted in your blog. For example;


    I hope it works. Check out the translation quality and let us know what you think.

  10. RWG

    It is a tad cumbersome. I was thinking about a little button like those to "share" already at the bottom of each post.


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