Thursday, December 23, 2010

¡No me ayudes tanto, pana!

With friends like this who needs enemies?  That Washington Times article is offensive on so many levels that I would prefer them NEVER to write about Venezuela.  As for HACER to reprint this as it, well....


  1. I didn't see anything specially wrong in the article, and I agree with most of it.

    Democracy is dangerous because it gives the notion of the state being "fair".

    Nobody really believes that him/herself needs to be governed, what the common folk believe is that the other people needs to be governed. Democracy allows us to feel a little bit of the joy of "commanding" society from time to time.

  2. Wow! They are truly idiots. The more you argue that the Chavez bunch are "just like the Pelosi-Obama administration", the more ammunition is given to those who wish to deny nany reason to be concerned about Chavez or Venezuela.

    Mostly, I argue with left-wingers who make the specious comparisons between the USA and Chavezeula. Now these guys are doing the same thing.

  3. Argh... la foto de la Pelosi con la Colombiana es todo un poema. Guacala!

    Feliz navidad Daniel, dentro de lo que cabe. Un abrazo.

  4. Daniel,

    I will grant you that comparing the situation in Venezuela to U.S. politics is silly and naive and that the entire article lacks depth and perspective. But I didn't find anything more to detest in this article than I find in most foreign press articles about Venezuela.

    What in this article, specifically, pushed your buttons? Although, thinking about it, it wouldn't take much to push me over the edge these days either.

  5. Anonymous3:02 PM

    the comparison with Obama to Chavez is IDIOTIC. There is separation of powers in the US, proof of that Reps won fairly in the last congressional elections. Alternation is the rule of law in the US.

    whomever wrote the article..knows squat about Venezuela, and obviously despise the Dems....

    what a pathetic article..using a terrible thing happening in Venezuela to compare it and use it as a way to demean one particular party in the US , AS IF, the situation were exactly the same...


  6. It is my perception that there are different kinds of democrats, just as there are different kinds of Republicans, and I can guarantee all of you that it is fairly common to find democrats here who like Chavez and believe in his basic principles, just as there are opposition folk in Venezuela who say the same thing.

    The people who say that and call themselves opposition are in my book only semi opposition because they oppose only a part of Chavez. They themselves compare THEMSELVES to Chavez's ideas and goals, in the same way that some far left of the democratic party in the US do as well.

    Just as there is plenty to demean in the Republican party there is plenty to demean in the Democratic one as well.

  7. Boludo Tejano5:04 PM

    The lame duck comment was over the top, especially since the Demos had a much less successful lame-duck session than did Thugo. :) [tongue in cheek.]
    Moreover, the Demos did not violate the Constitution, as did occur in the lame-duck session in Venezuela.

    Daniel’s often expressed objections to Pubs and wingnuts reminds me of a contrasting theme. There is a very strong strain of Chavista support and/or far leftist support to be found in prominent members of the Obama administration, buth current and former. I have seen very few comments from Daniel about this issue.

    Consider the photo of Nancy Pelosi with Piedad Córdoba in the linked HACER/Examiner article. This tie goes beyond photo ops, judging by the FARC e-mails and SanFranNan’s work on the FTA. While Daniel has certainly previously expressed his scorn and dislike for the politics of both Piedad Córdoba and Nancy Pelosi, he has expressed no opinion about this photo and what it implies. Correfoc is also silent about the photo. Kudos to Liz for pointing out the photo.

    I posted several days ago about Mark Lloyd , Chief Diversity Officer at the Federal Communications Commission. Not only does Mark Lloyd view “free speech” as camouflage for corporate interests, which sounds much like Thugo’s point of view, Mark Lloyd’s view of the Chávez administration sounds as if it were crafted by Eva Golinger. Silence from Daniel.
    [My mistake in calling Mr. Lloyd by the name of Charles Lloyd- I was thinking of the jazz musician.]

  8. boludo

    you will forgive me if the situation in venezuela these days absorbs me so much that i do not have time to read or to comment on pelosi and piedad or what you post for reading.

    last time i checked pelosi was an us citizen and piedad a colombian one. having expressed my distaste on them both, and more than once, should be enough. it is for readers amused by the picture or for neo cons writing blogs on the us that falls the honor of harping further on these bitches.

    besides, that picture is a further manipulation of the times in that it was taken at least a year ago and today probably pelosi would not be caught dead again with piedad. hence not worth discussing as the rest of that stupid times article.

  9. Anonymous6:58 PM

    Actually, the platform of PSUV and the Dem one is quite similar... especially these days. There were many things (granted not on the same scale)that were passed that were Unconstitutional. I was born in Venezuela and still have family there and I'm sorry... but Socialism is Socialism and I see it coming here too. These people think that the rich are evil and that it is the right of the poor to receive handouts.. The rest gets better but don't have enough space to write. Our checks and balances have never been closer to failure than they are now. I wish Venezuelans saw the truth because I definitely see the evil of Marxism here and there.... same evil, different language.

  10. last anonymous

    about what parallel universe are we talking about here?


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