Friday, December 10, 2010

A picture is worth thousand words

Three stooges of the TSJ, including the chair-wheeled president who came with 15, FIFTEEN bodyguards
This picture above published in Tal Cual today is of three sitting judges in the TSJ, watching as the new objective, independent, representative, new "justices" were sworn in yesterday.  Since a new law censoring Internet is about to be voted, I am letting to you to draw and write in comments any un-PC observation you may see fit to write.  Did I see three double chins, by the way?  oops!  That is it for me!  Eva is going to get me!!!!!

And to complement this picture, Weil great cartoon about how the constitution was violated once again naming the new judges, using the rain crisis as an excuse not to debate the issues.
Shut up!  We are in an emergency!


  1. Hmmm... Completely free of PC restrictions?

    I would say, based on their sense of personal style, that they look like they should be members of the PTA in Podunck, Nebraska instead of the Supreme Court of a major South American country.

  2. Speak no-evil, feel no-evil, walk-no evil and Evil


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