Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Second cadena of the day

The university Romulo Gallegos is graduating some medical personnel, surgeons we are told.  The kind of personnel that I do not want near me if I am sick or injured, now that we know the kind of education they are getting.  But the excuse is good enough for a cadena to silence Globovision, to silence the speech of Zulia governor that was passing as the cadena started.

But Chavez can do as many cadenas as he wants, the Sur del Lago is a battle that he is far from having won.

PS: I will spare you the new bolivarian socialist version of the Hippocratic oath according to Chavez....


  1. Anonymous12:37 AM

    doesn't matter anyways,people know it's bullshit,except those crazy screamy old ladies that jerk off to chavez. The cadena lasted a few minutes,i didn't even watched it. I am worried more about the law of universities. Can you make a post about that? i don't know much about it yet,not even the deputies do.

  2. Roger4:15 AM

    Bolivarian Medicine can work wonders if they can find a Chicken to sacrifice!

  3. 1979 Boat People4:58 AM

    After the fall of Saigon in 1975, many well educated doctors had left for US. There were a big shortage of doctors for remote areas in the whole country at that time.

    I happened to know 2 people (belong to honorable communist families) in my town who only had grade 6 education.

    These 2 people got urgent 6-months medical training then later promoted as MEDICAL DOCTORS for 2 remote areas.:)


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