Sunday, January 23, 2011

And now Chavez promotes anarchy

As Aesop already said, the tongue is the worse.  And when it is attached to an incontinent Chavez the damages can be terrible.  In his Friday cadena Chavez said that his supporters should be looking for empty lots that could  be used to build refuges for the 130,000 homeless people left by the rain.  Sure enough, within hours, in the wee hours, well organized groups carried by state vehicles arrived at the Chacao townhall to seize some of the rare empty lots left there.

Chacao, not Baruta or Petare or Libertador, Chacao, you may note, just in case you also missed the words of Chavez to the effect that the rich took the best land of Caracas and forced the poor to move up the hills.  It was no accident that the organized land grab headed for Chacao, in a clear ploy to terrorize the anti Chavez groups (even though plenty of chavista, including Libertador mayor, live in Chacao).

But Chacao was not going to let it pass and it sent its municipal police with some regrettable incidents to lament.  Then again, how can you not expect such incidents when the original red shirted aggressors come in the middle of the night to plant havoc in Chacao?  Apparently the more moderate faction within chavismo did react and as I type it seems that all is back in order, though the ominous warning now stays there for all: Chavez will not be afraid of anything to destroy his opposition and remains in office.

From this scene we must retain the following:
  • There was nothing spontaneous.  In fact, some of the "homeless" were Chacao residents!!!!  We can even assume that chavismo knew what Chavez was about to do and they had been getting ready to act after Chaevz cadena.  Can we harbor doubt as to Chavez previous knowledge?  How many similar plans are in the works as we get closer to the 2012 vote?
  • We can also retain that the regime is absolutely unapologetic for not having learned the lessons of 1999 and 2005, to the point of trying to shift the blame on anyone.
  • We can verify once again that the regime has absolutely no care for urbanization, rational planning, linking jobs to habitat, etc...  Some of the business and lands taken over not only are not very suitable for housing complexes but they also diminish the job offer in the area.  So yes, refuges will be resettled but with what utilities?  with what jobs?  with what services?
The regime is indeed reaching new lows of "all is politics", aggravating any social tension instead of trying to resolve them.  Then again, Chavez has nothing else to run on but social hatred.


  1. Anonymous3:34 PM

    Esto se llama Diarea Verbal, y quién la padece es enfermo del cerebro, porque ya no controla lo que dice, es peor que el cólera en Haiti y puede provocar daños irreparables alrededor. La Maga Lee

  2. Anonymous3:34 PM

    I agree to the comment from anonymous, the speeches of Chavez really ARE verbal diarrhea and Chavez IS very ill in his brain (or whatever is left of it).


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