Monday, February 21, 2011

Chaos in Libya?

The latest Guardian piece is a riveting read, as you will not find elsewhere!


  1. Anonymous8:12 AM

    Chavez is going to run out of friends

  2. What's happening in the Middle East,are a series of experiments on confronting various types of dictatorships.We will be able to learn a lot from the revolts that are successful and from the ones that fail.

    A very interesting link provided by Syd over at Miguel's on this very theme( unusual for the BBC):

    Basically the people have the power,but they just need to know it and to study each situation for what it is.Chavez( and I have been saying this over and over again) has NO power unless we give it to him.

    Gene Sharp's central message is that the power of dictatorships comes from the willing obedience of the people they govern - and that if the people can develop techniques of withholding their consent, a regime will crumble.

    If people refuse to work directly or indirectly for the regime, they will suffer but they will eventually make Chavismo fail.

    Going on a hunger strike is one way of withholding consent if it can be combined by other techniques( marches, strikes, calling attention to the international public, Unity etc.The key ideas are: the knowledge that Chavez is not as strong as people think he is( he is actually a weak person psychologically),and like most weak people he knows how to manipulate others,the Venezuelan people who consider themselves impotent have more power than they know, and their power can make or break any authoritarian regime.

    This might be a good moment for Venezuelans to take these kinds of actions as it would put Chavez in the same box as the middle East dictators who are being challenged.


  3. Rumor has it that Gaddafi is fleeing to Venezuela...

  4. Anonymous1:05 PM

    Daniel I've linked to this at Miguel's, here's a view from the english right.... Accurate information seems to be like hen's teeth at the moment.
    Some are reporting the morgue's and hospitals are full, and of military switching sides.

    Personally, I'd like to see him dragged through the streets by a rope tied around his ankles, but that may be just an italian thing of mine...
    Although I don't support K-daffy finding refuge in Venezuela, it may open some eyes as to what sort of nonsense H. Chavez has been supporting...

    It's been an interesting few weeks of news...

  5. i doubt gaddafi will come to venezuela. if he does then not only the situation is worse in the middle east than what we think it is but the venezuelan situation would start deteriorating fast.

    maybe cuba could welcome gaddafi but i doubt chavez will.

  6. Charly1:14 PM

    Let us hope that Qaddafi comes in exile to Venezuela. Then to acknowledge this great honor, the Nation of Venezuela would have to reciprocate and ship their own SOB to Libya. QED!

  7. 1979 Boat People2:42 PM

    It is time for venezuelans to organise the "Day of Rage" to demand the SOB Thugo Chavez to step down.


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