Tuesday, March 29, 2011

El discurso orwelliano soberano

Chávez llego a Argentina porque mas nadie lo quiere recibir.  De hecho, ni en Argentina lo quieren recibir porque el que lo esperaba en el aeropuerto no fue la Presidenta, no fue el canciller, no fue un ministro, no fue un vice-ministro, fue el jefe de protocolo de la cancillería que se la tuvo que calar.

Allí Chavez llega y dice: "Nosotros seguiremos enviando para acá petróleo para garantizar la soberanía energética de Argentina" y agrega que comprará "miles de tractores, sembradoras y cosechadoras, que ya están construyéndose", allá, no aquí en Venezuela. Ademas va a pasar por el supermercado a comprarse 600 mil toneladas de alimentos de los cuales quien sabe cuantos se irán a pudrir.

Dos naciones soberanas en verdad, una que depende del padrote para su gasolina y otra que depende del chulo para poder comer. ¡Ni Orwell podía inventar una soberanía tan brava!


  1. Boludo Tejano5:59 PM

    You mean that Nestor couldn't make it to the airport? :)

    [I know, bad joke..]

  2. The farm equipment is made in Argentina, and will continue to be, for reasons of efficiency - which is purely a 21st century socialism concept. If any capitalist tries to tell you about how efficient they are, they're lying, AND they stole the idea.

    I doubt too much of those 600 tons of food will rot, because my bet is that more than half will never arrive.

    Tejano, sending Nestor to receive Hugo would have sent a very interesting message. Too bad they missed the chance. But it really is telling that Cristina is no longer receiving him (Hugo - no comment on Nestor) with wide open arms.

  3. Anonymous7:06 PM

    Why is is walking away (as if coming off) the Argentine plane? Where in the Boliairbus?

  4. Bob Sacamano9:30 PM

    Te aseguro, Daniel, que acá no lo queremos a este militarote semi-analfabeta, golpista y que además de todo, tiene muertes bajo el brazo.
    No te preocupes que los alimentos no se van a pudrir porque nunca se va a concretar lo de la compra, es todo pour la gallerie.

  5. Anonymous10:21 PM

    Si como no va a importar tanta maquinaria, y donde la utilizará si todas las tierras confiscadas, nacionalizadas, expropiedadas, robadas etc etc... están echadas a perder, primero tendrán que sacar la maleza. Esto es gobernar y botar el dinero de nosotros; ¿que gracias tan mala! La Maga Lee

  6. 1979 Boat People11:05 PM

    The tide is high so .... is moving on.

    She' NOT gonna to be Chavez's number one.

    She is the kind of girl who GIVES UP just like that

    Oh, no.

  7. Hugo Chavez, journalism award-winner in Argentina


    Words fail me...

  8. Daniel, will you please give the link(s) for the reception HC got in AR? Thanks.

  9. I have read already several times about "government guaranteeing food sovereignty by importing X billion dollars of food from China/Nicaragua/Brazil/whatever"
    These guys are absolute idiots.

  10. 1979 Boat People7:20 PM


    Funeral of Father of Mir Hossein Mousavi interrupted by Iranian security forces


    The current Iran goverment is the lowest of the low.

  11. nicacat

    it is already hard enough while on the road to approve comments on my berry. sorry, can't do for the time being.

  12. Boludo Tejano5:27 AM

    Fausta’s Blog has news on Thugo’s visit to Argentina. Apparently Thugo’s not being properly met at the airport did not set the tone for the visit. There is a video from the [Miraflores/White House] of Evita III with Thugo and other muckety mucks at a state dinner. Evita III says she is going to be be brief, but spends five minutes in making a toast to Thugo. Compared with Thugo, she WAS brief. Maybe Thugo can have Evita III pinch hit for Thugo on some of his cadenas. Better five minutes than five hours!

  13. Daniel, thanks so much for your response. I´m so grateful that you even read my request :-). No hay ningun problema por no poder responder. Te agradezco tanto por tu blog, aunque no sea venezolana.


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