Monday, March 07, 2011

Weirdness in Miami

OK, there is one for you, lovers of conspiracy theory: the Venezuelan government has fired 29 of its Miami consulate staff, basically putting it out of business.  Since the foreign ministry refuses to talk, you are free to speculate at will.  Have fun at the expense of yet another banana republic consulate!


  1. Maybe people were not Chavista enough anymore.Maybe they were helping out non Chavista Venezuelans which is a no no in all consulates.

  2. They contracted the Libyan Consular Disease.

  3. jeff

    cute. i fought hard not to put libya in the post. i am glad that a reader did not waste any time in doing so!

  4. 1979 Boat People7:19 AM

    Because they like Miami's Cuban American.

  5. Perhaps they were stealing too much than what Chavistas of their rank are allowed to steal. You know, although people may not realise, Chavismo does have some ethical values.

    You don't steal more than 1.5 billion dollars unless you are Chávez himself. Arne Chacón just went over that.

    You don't steal more than X hundred million dollars unless you are Diosdado rank

    You don't steal more than 1X million dollars unless you are Barreto

    and so on.

    These guys were small fish and they must have been doing something illegal with dollars or so.

    Now I wonder if they will pass over to the opposition, as Chigüire may or may not predict again.

    Esa es Venezuela, mi patria querida...quien la liberto, mi hermano, fue el caudillo Bolívar

  6. jj06LotS8:45 AM

    The now-ex-workers thought that it was the Colombian consulate.


  7. Anonymous12:49 PM

    It does seem hard to imagine that people settled into the south Florida lifestyle, comfort, convenience, security, lack of shortages could be very good revolutionaries for very long.

  8. Firepigette: "cobros ilegales por la expedición de pasaportes." Who else in Miami would be paying for passports? Bizarre stuff, though.

  9. ElTank4:25 PM

    They pissed off the wrong person.

    They were crooks, probably all 29 of them. They openly asked you to pay them to "Expedite" and then would take you downstairs and give you a passport quickly... or you could wait 2-3 months until it arrived.

    It was even worse when it came to other things...

  10. ok so far i can only smell drugs, passports and an angry high-rank officer.

  11. So, they probably all deserved it, but it is nice to cracks appearing in the rank and file.

  12. roy

    i do not know whether you meant it but it was funny :)

  13. Anonymous7:19 PM

    Cubans from Cuba are going to handle all affairs.

  14. Daniel,

    When I type, I often miss words or letters because my brain gets ahead of my fingers. I guess I need an editor...

    The word I missed was "see". Maybe in makes more sense this way:

    So, they probably all deserved it, but it is nice to see cracks appearing in the rank and file (of Chavismo).

  15. Maybe this type of thing was a little too much to cover up:


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