Monday, April 25, 2011

Keiko and Ollanta

If you want to read something that will affect more our future than the preceding post, you  can go and read the trashing that Jaime Bayly does to Vargas Llosa who had the temerity to chose Ollanta Humala over Keiko Fujimori.  Now, certainly Mario can chose whomever he wants for Peru, but after having said two weeks ago that having to chose between Ollanta and Keiko was like choosing between Cancer and AIDS it seems indeed a little bit indecent for him to choose this fast when he has still 1,5 months to make up his mind.  Not only he has all that time to make a rational decision, but someone with his notoriety should use that time  to sell himself to the highest political bidder in order to extract as many democratic guarantees from Keiko and Ollanta as possible.  As such Vargas Llosa endorsement is not only a major blunder for himself, showing him way more whimsical and impulsive than we would have thought, but it might even hurt Ollanta as Vargas Llosa is not the most popular politician in Peru.

As for yours truly he cannot find anything to reproach to the logic of Jaime Bayly who, as an avowed buffoon, shows this time way more rationality than others, including Vargas Llosa.  We must remember that in ancient times, the court the jester was often the one closest to the the truth and rationality, allowed through his rank to say what others could not dare to say.


  1. Boludo Tejano11:46 PM

    I work with a Peruvian engineer who used to work for PDVSA. I asked her whom she preferred. Without any hesitation whatsoever, she replied, " Keiko Fujimori."

    Before reading Jaime Bayly's article, I didn't realize that Keiko had opposed her father's second term and had also wanted her father to get rid of Montesinos. Very illuminating.

    Bayly also has some perspective that others lack. In response to Vargas Llosa's calling Fujimorio's time in office one of the cruelest and most appalling in history - I assume Peruvian history- he has a ready reply: Velasco, the proponent of military socialism. Was it cruel and appalling that Fujimori wound down the Civil War, Mr. Vargas Llosa?

    Similarly, many who condemn Fujimori for the death of innocents during the Civil War- and that is one of the reasons he was jailed- neglect the killing of innocents in the Civil War when Belaunde Terry and Alan Garcia were President.

    As a wannabe caudillo, or actual caudillo, there were sufficient reasons for jailing the elder Fujimori. But his accomplishments and misdeeds need to be put into perspective.

  2. Charly1:08 AM

    When I look at his behavior, I start to understand what is wrong with oppo. not only in Venezuela but also in LatAm. Is there any genuine democrat around here?

  3. De La4:32 AM

    Ok, Bayly makes many good points along with some ad hominem attacks. But Vargas Llosa's concern about Keiko's advisers seems a valid one. Just how involved is her father's old guard in her campaign? If the involvement is heavy then there is reason to worry about her coming to power.

    Incidentally, of course Keiko is not a mere extension of her father, but anyone familiar with Asian/Confucian culture knows about the powerful influence that the elders in the extended family unit exert over the younger ones. In Confucian culture family--and hierarchy--is all important. That doesn't mean she is his puppet, just that the issue of family ties is a real one and can't be brushed aside as easily as Bayly would like.

  4. De La

    The point of Bayly is that we know Ollanta is bound to Chavez and Lula, not the nice Lula at home, the bad Lula in Cuba unperturbed by those in gaols. There is less certainty of that Keiko will be as bad as Ollanta.

    Also, if Ollanta had dropped by now his unconstitutional assembly proposal we could feel better about him. But he has not, as far as I am concerned. What does Vargas Llosa thinks of that?

    I agree with Bayly: Vargas Llosa simply spoke too fast, forfeiting any positive influence that eh could have had in the contest and that is unforgivable coming from somebody that should know much, much better...

  5. Exactly, Daniel, Mr. Vargas Llosa should have kept his mouth shut.

    Here's a guy that has trashed Chavez more times than I can count, and then he goes on record supporting Chavez II, Peruvian version.

    I can't wait to hear, probably a few years from now, what his real reasons were to come out in favor of Humala.

    Definitely Mr. Vargas Llosa has lost a few "points" with many over this.

  6. Eduardo9:47 PM


    Ollanta insist on his plan, including public companies, and so on.

    He says he won 30% with that, at it will not be changed due to alliances or whatsoever with other party.

    I feel that we should not pretend to ignore that Ollanta will have a government like Chavez.


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