Thursday, April 14, 2011

There are definitely problematic neural connections in the brains of chavistas

These days the mood of chavistas seem to be oscillating dangerously between shit scared and batshit crazy.  If you forgive me the vulgarity.  My S.O. and his co workers of a ministry that shall remain nameless were forced to go to yesterday's April 13 march, which apparently, free subway and all, was not as spectacular as previous editions.  Rain?  Fatigue at the ever repeated rittornello? Public workers diving to escape into the first subway station they could manage to do?  He still managed to send me a few pictures and I chose two that truly represent how out there in space chavismo is navigating.

Supporting Qaddafi

"Murderers of Libya's people, Obama and Clinton"

No surprise there, except that apparently the argument has caught on among some of the faithful.  I am not going to bother a counter argumentation with the intelligent and well educated readers of this blog who know better.  The idea is here to show you how knee jerk primitive the street slogans have become among these people.  What is really scary, if you ask me, is that the billboard carrier might actually believe 100% that crap.

By the way, the intense red shirts are of a recent distribution to the attendees, for free of course.  You can probably find in the crowd a few people that did not wear them and have them thrown over their shoulders.  Then again I might be wrong as so many ministries have now mandatory emblazoned red polo shirts.

Let him work!

Billboards like this one seem to be the latest slogan that the "Miraflrores sala situcional" could come up with, a rewarming of what was used in 2004-2005.  Then I still had plenty of chavistas leaving comments and I had to explain to them more than once that since 1999 for all his problems Chavez had had already significant stretches of time to rule, in particular  from July 2000 until December 2001.  Today offering such an excuse, that we do not let Chavez work and hence the country's problem, is simply an insult to our intelligence.  I mean, since October 2004 Chavez has not had anything physically or legally stopping him to do whatever he wants!!!!! 

But I suppose that among the chavismo lumpen that slogan might work still, up to a point, or at least until they can come up with a better excuse for the mess the country has become.  Though it also works among some folks that normally one would not place in any lumpen whatsoever.  Juan Carlos Monedero in an interview to Colombia's El Espectador advances that argument, that Chavez has had "only 6 years" of real government....

For someone that is back teaching at a Spanish campus it is simply incredible to say such an idiocy.  He has an example in Spain itself, of incredible changes that happened in LESS than the 6 years he mentions, namely the 5 years of Adolfo Suarez who took Spain from Franco to democracy, including drafting a new constitution and resiting a coup.

But Juan Carlos Monedero was a mercenary of Chavez and he probably would still be paid by Chavez had he not coined the term "hiperlider" meaning that Chavez was doing too much.  Kind of a contraction in terms to his interview title, if you ask me.


  1. Charly8:15 AM

    "Dejenlo trabajar". This country definitively needs two presidents, one to carry on with "la guevonada", the second to start working.

  2. charly

    well, that is the case, that is why chavez has a vice president. the only problem is that jaua is also into "guevonada" making.....

  3. Charly, what you have in mind is probably like the German system, where they have a President who is head of state and a Chancellor who is head of government. Of course, even if you could force Chavez to choose one or the other, he would choose head of government which would still leave Venezuela rudderless.

    I'm really not sure what 6 years Monedero means. Or maybe he's saying that, out of 12+ years total, Chavez has put in 6 years' worth of effort. :)

  4. aio

    nevermind that in germany the president is supposed to be "bipartisan" and serve as the moral conscience of the coutnry......

  5. These popular aberrations, ok, Rebuznes, always bring me back to the true, underlying reason Venezuela is in the mess it's in:

    Lack of education.

    It all comes down to that. What does our "pueblo" know about Libya?? I mean don't make me laugh. Those who can read, and are Chavez supporters, don't have the slightest grip about national issues, let alone delicate and complicated international developments in the middle East.

    Education. Or lack thereof. Our Chavista people are not particularly unintelligent or "evil" . They are ignorant, above all. Susceptible to buying crap like Daniel mentions here.

    It's no wonder that the poor people who support Chavez are by far those without any half-decent education. The middle and upper classes don't by this shyt..

    So blame this situation in Venezuela on all of us. On the Adecos, the Copeyanos, Perez Jimenez, indepientientes, all. We were unable to educate our people in the past few generations. So our Indios elected another Indio: el cacique Chavez.

    That's the root of it all. The only solution, going forward, is to improve the educationalsystem, or another aborigen might rise to power, yet again after Chavez falls. It's democracy, remember? What most of the ignorant people want, working all too well here.

    Carlos Iglesia.

  6. sledge

    except that Monedoro does not have that excuse. so there is also something about brain wiring because many of these peopel DO NOT WANT to learn.

    but that is OK as we find this phenomenon elsewhere such as faculty which support intelligent design....

  7. 1979 Boat People5:53 PM

    "...primitive the street slogans..."

    I thought these kinds of primitive slogans only exist in wazisristan/karachi/iran

  8. Wonder what percentage of that crowd was there for the same reason your SO was.

    Also: Hang on to a few of those Polo Rojo might be a few bucks in them in 2012.


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