Monday, May 02, 2011

The chavista May 1 parade

The S.O. had to go. A few pictures. The populists announcements as Chavez officially launched his reelection campaign will be dealt with other previous announcements in a future post. Let's say for now that he is trying to kill private enterprise once and for all.

The parade comes with folklore.  This one is supposed to illustrate the successful agrarian polices of the regime.  I do not know about you but what I am seeing is the celebration of the "conuco".

I love this one, the march of the train workers of Venezuela who only operate one commuter line, after 12 years, which is still not quite finished even though it was started before 1998.  Never mind the other ones.....

These two pictures are an example of the supplies that are provided, FOR FREE, to the marchers.  Well, at tax payer expenses anyway.  You can tell that they are used to them, and that they waste no time in extending their arms to get whatever they can as soon as possible, least it runs out.  The SO did not find beer distribution vans but they have been spotted in paast installments.

This picture is unfortunately not clear as he had to use the maximum zoom.  They are "refugees" from last October rain damages, living in some Miraflores presidential  palace annex.  And they are doing their laundry in buckets, and bathing  themselves while they are at it.  No further comment needed.....


  1. "Celebration of the conuco!" LOL!

    Though it makes me sad really.A conuco is something to love and feel good about, but not when it isn't a choice.Not when a human being cannot use his hard work and talents to grow if he so desires :(

    no recuerdo quien escribio algo asi:

    "Los traje de mi conuco
    cosechados con amor
    sembrados hace ya un tiempo
    pero con mucho teson
    mire que gran sentimiento
    lean que imaginacion,
    mis versos tienen objeto
    de hacer una invitacion."

  2. Well, Daniel: I remember one minister of agriculture talking about the conuco as one of the best things, as a potential, as whatever...he was a real conucólogo.

  3. The agrarian policy truck (or "celebration of the conuco") looks like it has a giant trash can on the truck bed. That is certainly an appropriate "celebration" of ag policy under Chavez. That can refer to how it's treated producers like garbage, or PUDREVAL.

    Small wonder the train workers are marching en masse. They're getting paid, and they've got nothing else to do. In fact, if they're not out there marching pretty much every day, they're a bunch of slackers.

    Miraflores temporary residents aren't worthy of 3-minute "Communist" showers, or even 2-minute Chavez-like ones? No further comment, indeed!

  4. In your conuco float, all I see is a big garbage can! I think it the best representation of what our country has become.
    I would have preferred the conuco.

  5. Anonymous3:16 AM

    Primero, ya se lanzó, que será de nosotros si antes hacia cadenas a diario en las mejores horas, ahora que es candidato pobres de todos.
    En cuanto al conuco, claro que lo apoya, es la mejor forma de acabar con las selvas, el agua la naturaleza, ya que los conuqueros queman, y a los dos años la tierra no vale, entonces queman más allá. Esto debe estar en la orden de destruir al pais. La Maga Lee

  6. Anonymous5:06 PM

    I am curious as to whether many, most, some, or few of the other marchers besides the SO just show up to keep their jobs or get the free hand outs? Do others realize what is going on? Do any openly comment to each other as to the fake purpose of the demonstrations. Or is there tight control and danger if you let a comment slip on the rediculous demonstration that nobody(or few) really support.

    A faithful blog admirer.


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