Friday, May 27, 2011

Idiotic survey of the day

AVN, the propaganda news agency of the regime, published today a survey that would have us believe that Chavez is going to win next Sunday with 61% of the vote while any, ANY opposition candidate will get at most a 15%.  Apparently Chavez has been climbing since last January where he was only polling 58% to the 66% he gets now.  16% of the people consider themselves to be no-chavista to 51% who describe themselves as pro Chavez.  This represents a remarkable collapse of the anti Chavez vote who got 48% 7 months ago.  Even the US GOP did not collapse so fast in 1930....  there is at least one allegedly respectable news aggregator that picked up seriously that poll.

Seriously now, is this someone trying to reach a new sycophantic record or a way for chavismo to prepare us for anticipated elections with massive electoral fraud?


  1. The guys don't even create a site.
    If they contacted 1200 people, they must have spent some time doing that, someone's aunt cannot do it in one hour.
    So: who paid?
    I wish we could ask that to ABN and ABN be forced to answer. But it will never happen.

  2. You save the pdf, you open it with adobe, hit properties, and you realize the sort of mileage that 'survey' has by reading the name of its author...

    I guess no one in the national, and international media could have done that, it's too difficult and complicated...

  3. Pdf? Where is it? Sorry, I overlooked it. I AM curious, I remember the last pdf I opened from was I think their 2007-2012 program, edited at a computer from CNE!
    Where's the pdf?

  4. Anonymous8:07 AM

    Chavez was just announcing the results of the 2012 election. In his mind, 61% of the people will vote correctly and the rest of the people need educating.

  5. jeffry house12:58 PM

    The 61% is actually their estimate for the presnet popularity of Gaddafi, and the President of Syria.

  6. Gallup poll shows 64 % of Venezuelans feel they are thriving, which puts them 5th on the world list of countries...Not that I believe much in polls, but it just makes me wonder.I wish someone would illuminate me....

  7. Anonymous11:14 AM

    Meanwhile at El Chiguire Bipolar:

    TVES celebrates the arrival of its fourth viewer.

    (To be honest, the only reason anyone knows of these bogus surveys is because opposition media keeps mentioning them to laugh at them. Nobody, ABSOLUTELY NOBODY watches the chavez media, except oppos trying to find something to complain about.)

  8. Anonymous5:35 PM

    Totally agree, AB. You always bring some meaningful stuff to the table.
    Kepler, what do you mean re the pdf? It's right there!


  9. Apparently the official registry of voters of the CNE has dramatically increased since the last elections in a proportion that goes way beyond the real population growth.Probably many of the " new" voters who have appeared out of thin air will be slanting the results in favor of Chavez.

  10. Daniel,

    Is El Nacional knuckling under to Chavismo pressure? This article could have appeared verbatim in a chavista publication

  11. 1979 Boat People2:52 PM


    Photos: Detained Iranian Lawyer Makes A Defiant Appearance


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