Thursday, May 19, 2011

Luisa Estela Morales Lamuño, TSJ president, morally corrupt to the core

The president of the Venezuelan high court of justice, TSJ, has already appeared in these pages were we noted that as a judge she had been already fired from her jobs.  As a discredited person in the "legal" profession she only made it up to the top because she attached her fate to Hugo Chavez and write for him whatever sentence his regime needed.  Well, this week she gave her ample evidence to back these assertions from yours truly (and pretty much anyone else with half a brain).

First, visiting Cuba, she declares that the Cuban model of Justice is a valid one for Venezuela, and that in fact Venezuela can use that expertise to avoid some of the problems that the Cuban judicial system has had.  I am not making that up, I am giving you the link for the official news agency of the regime.  Her exact words, if we are to believe AVN:
“Pensamos que el asunto judicial no se refiere estrictamente a las doctrinas jurídicas sino que tiene una necesaria conexión con las realidades de los pueblos. Para nosotros Cuba es una referencia necesaria de cómo la legislación avanza a medida que avanza un proceso de inclusión e igualdad popular” We think that justice matters does not strictly refers to judicial doctrines but that it must have a connection with the reality of the nations. For us Cuba is a necessary reference on how a legislation advances as a process of inclusion and popular equality advances.

"En Venezuela vamos adelante en la medida en que nuestras leyes sean la expresión más viva del querer y el pensar de nuestro pueblo" In Venezuela we are looking ahead in the measure that our laws are the liveliest expression of the likes and thoughts of our people.

I am not, of course, going to dwell into the obvious, namely of the repressive nature of the Cuban regime whose legal system keeps thousands in jail, has killed a further few thousands and forces an even more thousands of thousands into exile. Just for considering such a regime as a model Luisa should be impeached presto.  What is more important is the revelation of her frame of mind where a "popular" judicial system is a valid one, where the sentence is handed down as to the wishes of the majority and not on precedent, rational thinking, fairness and other such values that the woman has long abandoned.  In Luisa's world we are close to public lynching as justified retribution since it is rooted in the "likes" of "el pueblo".

But this was not all.  As the famous Makled case is starting to develop, and as the regime cannot avoid some pretense of trial, Luisa Estela Morales Lamuño, head of the TSJ, has named as the corresponding judge no one else but her son in law.

Domingo Arteaga Perez seems to be quite the judge that these bolivarian revolutionary times require.  Besides coming from the back-corner of Yaracuy legal system (and I know by experience that it was already at the bottom of the Venezuelan system a few years ago) he used his stage there to befriend Luisa's family and bang a daughter.  We are told that within a month of his nomination to the Falcon district, by his mother in law, he was already purchasing a luxurious villa (he could have pretended to rent something for a few months, for appearances, but nooo, he needed right then and there accommodations according to his new "status").

But of course, Arteaga Perez has the most important credential required to try such a complex and dangerous case for the regime: he will abide by whatever the regime says since his family has too much to lose if there were to be any problem.  The real judge will probably be Luisa herself since she cannot preside an ordinary trial as of her function.  And we can be assured that regime will have a team of its  "best and brightest" to do all the work of Arteaga Perez whose real function will be to report to Luisa as needed.  Mafia style.

So there you have it, not only yet another proof of the absolute lack of justice in Venezuela but also proof that it is going to get even worse, Cuba style, where judicial decisions are drafted in ministries and sent to be stamped by the local "courts".

Update.  digging a little bit more on Arteaga Perez I found quite a curriculum at Descifrado,  leaving very little doubt that the guy is a creep, willing to accept even a demotion of his high rank in Falcon to judge Makled (for which he will cash handsomely, I am sure).

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  1. Off Topic,

    Hey Daniel, check out this link of an article translated from Die Welt:

    They are claiming imminent construction of an Iranian built and operated military base with intermediate-range missiles in Venezuela. This is being repeated by various news outlets, but it was first reported by Die Welt, which is a fairly serious news outlet.

    My initial thoughts:

    1. Is this just overblown BS?

    2. If it is not BS, the hypocrisy involved after raising such a hue and cry about the U.S. using Colombian military bases is nothing short of astonishing.

    3. Would Chavez actually do this, realizing it could lead to a replay of the Cuban Missile Crisis?

    Well, this probably deserves another forum than an OT comment on your post on the integrity of the TSJ. If you want, go ahead and delete it, and maybe open another post on the subject.


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