Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The fall of Tripoli's Green Square did not happen in Libya, but in Qatar

With paid actors, says Chavez...

Giving conspiracy theories yet a new twist... (From Miguel's)

I have been distracted by pressing work problems this past week and they are far from solved. So not much blogging for the time being. But I could not pass on this denial from Chavez, shown in TeleSur so I am not making this up.

But then again this is the man that states, unchallenged by his crowd, that capitalism destroyed life on Mars and that the human species has been around for 2,500 years...  Chavez, the man that makes Creationists look smart and objective.


  1. Charly8:28 PM

    The issue is not the Big Man talking from his ass, but the millions of local morons who believe him.

  2. 100% agreed Charly!

  3. Ah, it was not Chavez, just a paid actor of the empire

  4. Chavez is fearful, deceitful and full of bad intentions.This is a perfect recipe for belief in conspiracy theories.

    Anyone can make any claims they like and the only way we can tell which is right and which is wrong, is by looking at the evidence. But if we have already ruled out the trustworthiness of anyone who might offer evidence, we won't even consider it.

    The perception that ‘they did it’ is fueled by the perception that ‘I would do it,’” ( projection)

    Studies suggest that people who have more lax personal morality may endorse conspiracy theories to a greater extent because they are, on average, more willing to participate in the conspiracies themselves.

  5. "The issue is not the Big Man talking from his ass, but the millions of local morons who believe him"

    I wouldn't call roughly half of Venezuela's inhabitants "morons". Just ignorant and/or uneducated, bribed,,,,, drunk, high..

    You also have to blame the previous administrations, adecos copeyanos and what have you, for half a century, and we have to blame ourselves, those who grew up there, and mostly escaped abroad, for not doing more to educate the less fortunate people who buy Chavez's crap. Now who's the moron and why, since when?

  6. RabbiBulla5:12 AM

    Chávez pledged that Venezuela would "stay by Iran at any time and under any condition." Ahmedinejad called Chávez a kindred spirit. "I feel I have met a brother and trench mate after meeting Chávez." Chávez said he "admired the Iranian president for 'his wisdom and strength'," saying, "We are with you and with Iran forever"
    Chavez said the exact same things to Qadaffi-fact is-Chavez "never met a dictator he did not like"..
    Chavez welcomes all dictators to
    Venezuela and his chavistas bow down and kiss their feet, too...
    C'mon rojitos -show your love.

  7. RabbiBulla8:08 PM

    While Chavez is on TV lying to the Venezuelan people-this is what is really happening in Libya today:

    "people burst into spontaneous chants of "Hold your head high, Libya is free!"

    "I never felt that way before," said Taghdi, who owns a tile shop in the capital. "We just want to live free."

    One day we will see and hear the
    same in Venezuela. Turn off the
    TV when Chavez appears, people.

  8. Yikes, I didn't know Mikhail Gorbachev had thyroid disease.

    Oh, wait. Only Chavez. Never mind.


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