Friday, September 09, 2011

"El Patrio", a.k.a. Freddy Bernal, chavista congressman in Venezuela

One does not not whether the US is really that clumsy to blacklist 4 very high ranking chavista for arm and/or drug trafficking.  After all, just a few hours before the local political class is about to learn of a rather momentous IACHR decision the US gives to Chavez yet more fodder to kick the table.  Certainly the two decisions are absolutely unrelated and the question as to whether Bernal was an arm dealer had been answered long ago: we just got official notice yesterday.  But chavismo is going to use the "intervention" exhausted old argument, among equally worn out arguments, to politically ban Leopoldo Lopez et al. under the excuse, say, that the US bans chavista "leaders".

I am not going to speculate on why the US treasury suddenly decides to blacklist 4 guys whose names should have been blacklisted at least a couple of years ago.  They have their reasons even if they go with a dreadful sense of timing.  Rather, let's have fun at the expense of the one who has been a noted criminal since at least April 2002.

Freddy Bernal got Caracas Libertador mayor position courtesy of Chavez, because Bernal was already deeply involved with mob and guerrilla services for Chavez, in addition of coup mongering, and assorted activities such as blackmail, I suppose.  As an ethics questioned police officer he has the background, plus that in spite of a few harsh words against Chavez he keeps hovering around can only mean he has got some goods on Chavez.

In other words the guy is a creep, and without a doubt in my mind, or  the US Treasury, a criminal (so are the other three, in particular Cliver, but let's keep it simple).

Now the thing is that the guy takes it seriously enough to imply that this "aggression" from the US is an aggression to the "fatherland", la patria!  I think the last one that was this blunt in confusing state and persona, besides Chavez, was Louis the XIV.....  You know, the guy from "L'Etat c'est moi".  Well, and a few dictators if truth be told.

Freddy Bernal
Si pretenden amedrentarme con su lista gringa,ahora mas q nunca rodilla en tierra x CHAVEZ y la Revolución!! Es una agresión a la patria.

That is why I suggest, that in keeping with the spirit of the times where noted criminals in Venezuelan jails ("pranes") get a nickname, we call from now on Bernal "el patrio", masculine for fatherland in Spanish, or somthing of the sort.


  1. Anonymous11:45 PM

    Es gracioso que la primera reacción de todos los chavistas ante cualquier cosa es arrodillarse ante Chávez. He visto escarabajos peloteros (dung beetle) con mas dignidad que los chavistas.

    Y por supuesto es de notar que la mayoría de los locos estos que se creen la patria tienen nombres como Freddy, Jesse, Tarek William Saab, Müller Rojas, Eckout, El Aissami, Golinger... o sea, puros criollitos descendientes de Guaicaipuro y Paramaconi. ¿Cómo puede alguien dudar que ellos son la patria?

  2. RabbiBulla12:13 AM

    "Caiman en boca de cano"
    "mal oler de Hugo"
    "descendiente de Hugo y de Fidel"

    _"mancha de Chavez"

  3. I am not sure there is much of an analogy between the US designating these four, and the Chavista refusal to let Lopez run for President in his own country.

    In the former case, the four are "designated" so it becomes an offence for US citizens to have financial relationships with them. Legal procedures exist for removing the designation, which the Treasury Department must justify in court, if challenged.

    In the Lopez case, it is the absence of any need to prove the allegation which will be central to the court's decision. Furthermore, the right to run for President or other elective office, or the right to support someone for such office, is a fundamental democratic right. The four designees are perfectly free to do business with anyone except US citizens, so the "ban" does not affect eir fundamental rights.

  4. RabbiBulla2:50 AM

    "colon de chavez"
    "alas del mentiroso extraño"
    "odio de Fidel"
    "visión enferma"

  5. RabbiBulla3:05 AM

    Now the thing is that the guy takes it seriously enough to imply that this "aggression" from the US is an aggression to the "fatherland", la patria! I think the last one that was this blunt in confusing state and persona, besides Chavez, was Louis the XIV..... You know, the guy from "L'Etat c'est moi". Well, and a few dictators if truth be told.
    Venezuela Foreign Ministry issued a formal complaint today..
    Bernal-et al will be promoted soon
    by Chavez..

  6. Daniel,

    I don't know, the timing now could be 100% geopolitics and not purely based on the usual legal procedures (yes, even the North does that).

    Still, I have no doubt those Fernal et alia, are absolute crooks. Bernal was an admirer of Pérez Jiménez before joining Chávez and he was in the "intelligence unit" of the police doing quite some dirty jobs during the IV Republic.
    He knows well Caracas and how to create chaos there and use that for Chávez. He is trained to do that. He is useful to Chávez.

    Now: could it have to do with the Konstantin Yaroshenko case?
    Don't know...

    Clíver Alcalá took over Makled's installations in Carabobo.

    Amílcar Figueroa's record with FARC is more than proven. Colombians know him well.

  7. Anonymous1:43 PM

    This Bernal dude does not deal much with the USA anyway, he flies directly to Canada where he has a very nice chalet on Bromont Hill about 60 km from Montreal and where he can deal with the local rich boys. Where did he get that kind of money, robbing banks with Maduro and Flores in the old days of the fourth republic or sucking at the tits of the fifth? The Canadians are the ones who should put their nose in his affairs.

  8. Anonymous, do you have proof of that? Believe me: it would be great to have pictures of Bernal's chalet and show that to the damnificados and others in poor Venezuela.

  9. Anonymous2:43 PM

    Kepler, some of my buddies who spent 10 years in Venezuela live there and there are a few boliburgueses in the area. They even saw Bernal on the slopes. As for "anonymous", prefer not to use my regular signature.

  10. Anonymous, as a favor to readers, could you please choose a name( not your real one) makes it hard to respond to you because there could be many anonymouses( or rats), and it is hard to keep the comments straight in our heads with even 2 at once.

    You have your pick and choose from trillions of sounds and images.Anything please- from a simple BOB or Cathy, to curmudgeon,or cilantro.....i like mungojerry, or griddle bones myself. Maybe you can choose you best friend's last name or whatever!!!!!!!!!!

    If you are too lazy, unimaginative, or respectful enough to do so, do not expect other people to take your comments with as little as a grain of salt.It is about consistency and respect for others.

    firepigette( the one and only)

  11. Anonymous4:14 PM

    firepigette, you obviously did not understand what I wrote.

  12. Anonymous,Did you just respond to me now or is it some other anonymous??

    Where is your logic? It is not a matter of understanding what you say , or not, it is a matter of your lack of consistency in choosing a name that we can all know - not who you really are but presenting a consistency to respond to.It could even be a number.

    You might be commenting on different blogs and posts but as there are many anonymouses, sometimes even in one thread, people don't know which is which.

    So do not complain about people understanding you when you yourself cause confusion.


  13. Daniel,

    The US treasury is not like the State Department whose business it is to measure the effect of its statements on foreign countries.

    The US treasury follows a slow and ponderous, bureaucratic procedure to get to the point of defining specific individuals as drug dealers etc.

    If it were a matter of timing,it would have been much better to do this years ago when it was still recently in the news.

    Also like to say that there is no such thing as bad timing for Chavez to blame the US.He doesn't need a prompter as he continually blames the US for everything.

  14. El Patrio is indeed a decent person, according to this 1997 El Universal piece posted on Don Gustavo Coronel's excellent blog.

  15. Anonymous6:04 PM

    firepigette: rideau!

  16. Anonymous of today,
    You are the one who doesn't get what Firepigette is saying. She is using a nickname. You can use one, even if it is 212321, some random number.
    212321 is not less anonymous than "anonymous", only that it tends to be unique. If you write anonymous and somebody else comes and does the same as is often the case, it gets confusing.

    Anyway: ask your friends to take pictures of that chalet and send them to us, to the newspaperps, anything!
    We need to show a socialist revolutionary who is fighting the rich and capitalism has a nice house in a posh area of Canada.
    I think the poor families eking out a living in Guarenas or Maturín will be very interested in finding out about that.

  17. Anonymous6:32 PM

    Kepler, rideau!

  18. 'rideau' would be an excellent screen name.Thanks!

  19. RabbiBulla7:45 PM

    Rigoletto -is a good one.
    I am thinking-should I change
    mine to "Tonanza" -new word?
    Heard of "Tonantzin"?
    (I chose Rabbibulla for a couple of reasons..and they
    are both confusing.)

  20. Anonymous2:57 PM

    I don't know about Bromont Hill, but in Orlando it is well known he has (had?) a home, you can even see the picture in google maps:

    No more Disney for you, Freddy!

  21. Gee,

    I almost clicked on the latest anonymous comment who I am beginning to consider a troll.

    Why bother reading what he or she has to say ? If we find it interesting or have a question, there is nobody with a consistent identity to answer.


  22. "ahora mas q nunca rodilla en tierra x CHAVEZ"

    Unbelievable in his blatantness. But "labios (o nariz) en culo" would be more honest.

  23. I dunno, FP. Here's part of the listing that the anonymouse linked to:
    "Sales History (2001-present)
    $157,000 on April 18, 2007
    B: Freddy Bernal, Gilda Bernal
    S: Freddy Bernal
    $425,000 on July 13, 2006
    B: Freddy Bernal
    S: Park Square Enterprises Inc"
    Looks like some interesting buying and selling has been going on...


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