Thursday, September 15, 2011

The kind of stuff Chavez's nightmnares are made of

Today it was Barquisimeto birthday.  To celebrate the occasion the local governor, Henri Falcon (ex- PSUV)PPT decided to invite other governors.  7 came and the picture below is not at all the kind of picture Chavez wants to see, not at all.
From Tachira, Nueva Esparta, Caracas Metro, Amazonas, Lara, Carabobo, Miranda and Zulia

Several small comments:

  • For the first time I can remember, the PPT governor of Amazonas is posing smiling with the more "traditional" opposition governors, indicating the final stepping of the PPT into the opposition ranks.  All of Chavez doing, by the way, as the PPT had swallowed a lot of shit until last year and just wanted a tad of respect.  But Chavez is congenitally unable to show respect to anyone, not even to Fidel who he idolizes, a different feeling from respect which is earned and consented.
  • These governors were discussing serious matters, from insecurity to the government refusing to allocate funds mandated by the constitution.  They represent more than half the population of Venezuela.  They are more than likely to all support the opposition presidential candidate, even the PPT ones who are rumored more and more to consider participating in the opposition primaries, at least for local positions.
  • The image of unity as opposed to the lone bloated image of a sick Chavez is, well, mediatically interesting to say the least.
  • And if Chavez thinks that it might not last, this picture below shows that Henri Falcon, former chavista avoiding opposition encounters as late as one year ago, has discovered that the opposition people are not bloody monsters, can be nice and that one can deal with them very well on a democratic level.  Something Chavez does not want his PSUV to ever discover!  Just imagine what woudl happened tot he PSUV if suddenly they discovered that we do not need to slaughter each other to live happily in Venezuela!
PPT Falcon (left), PVZL Salas (center right), PJ Capriles (center), UNT Perez (social democrat)


  1. For the first time in a long time I felt a fresh feeling of hope (un fresquito pues). It's actually a very good thing.

  2. Carolina,

    Alan Ginsberg(the late Beat Poet), was speaker for an entire generation of people in the US. Like Walt Whitman, the foundation of Alan Ginsberg’s work was the notion that one’s individual thoughts and experiences resonated among the masses.Quoting him, “It occurs to me that I am America”.

    Some people feel they think and speak for the collective, and sometimes they do, until it changes, which it will.Remember, democracy begins with the raising of a single voice.

    “Sunflower Sutra”( an ode to the beauty of the individual) by Ginsberg ends on a note of hope as he proclaims he will preach a “sermon” of light to all that see only despair in their country and their lives.

    We never know when that certain moment in time will begin,the turning point of a new era of different voices and concerns, and it is inevitable when we begin this next journey down the pathways of imagination from which a more enlightened and generous Venezuela just might evolve.So it is that we should never give up HOPE.I think it is primarily through struggle that we can learn enough to create a better world.If it were easy, we might not grow strong enough to do it.


  3. RabbiBulla4:03 PM

    Thank you for the wonderful photo of a group of nice people.
    (They certainly don't look like minions of the "Cuban alien ant farm" or FARC-nobody in red, no Chavistas?)How long since we have seen a photo like this?Certainly file this one under "feel good".
    Yes Firepigette- we don't know what or when the spark occurs to foster the urge of the "collective
    soul" of Venezuela for a better life-this photo certainly helps.

    I wish the best of luck to all of these guys. Caprilles is on the right track-let's have some fun and beat the whammy out of Chavez!!!

  4. RabbiBulla5:11 PM

    Problem with Chavez-common with many men. He forgot to read the label;
    Caution! Messing with Fidel Castro
    can cause IMPAIRED VISION.
    (Right there posted on Fidel's

  5. I think what I like the most about this picture is to see people that are running against each other, together in peace, sharing ideas and doing something productive for Venezuela, not insulting, calling names and humilliating each other like Chavez has done for the past 12 years. This is good and refreshing.

  6. Juan Cristóbal11:10 PM

    What's with the white shirts?


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