Monday, September 19, 2011

Which picture inspires you more hope for the future of Venezuela

You want to know why the Venezuelan regime is so upset about the IACHR ruling favoring Leopoldo Lopez?  Consider these two pictures this week end, of a Chavez on his way to Cuba for more chemotherapy, waiting for  Evo Morales, threatening right and left, or that one of Leopoldo running in a half marathon.  There is part of your answer.


  1. Anonymous2:07 PM

    Excellent! Also look at the faces of the people behind "El Inmortal". That's exactly how we'll all feel till the "Habilitado" takes over. Vivement Octobre 2012!


  2. No sé...Hugo tiene un je ne sais quoi carajo.
    Let me think of it.
    Ps. Brilliant

  3. Juan Cristóbal3:39 PM

    So... you're endorsing Leopoldo?

  4. RabbiBulla4:13 PM

    Truth is Chavez divorced Venezuela long time ago when he ran away and married Castro..

  5. I look at Chavez in that photo and almost can hear him speaking like Kico "callate que me desespedas!"

  6. Anonymous6:02 PM

    Hi Daniel, could I use your pictures please in a german forum about Venezuela?

    Regards Hans

  7. Anonymous11:17 PM

    It will be amusing to watch Chavez claim that the oppo candidates represent the past when they all make HIM look like a creepy, overweight grandfather in comparison.

  8. Anonymous1:11 AM

    I hate to forecast rain for the victory parade.

    For the last 6 - 8 years, we have given Esteban "a few months, maximum a year" and he will be out, for one reason or another. Nevertheless he always "wins".

    Kind'a like Fidel, who's news about his death have been greatly exaggerated since the early 90ies or so.

    I hope I'm wrong, but I doubt that the dictator can be removed by democratic means. I equally doubt that the "other" method that a poster mentioned a few days ago will happen, as long as the world accepts nothing but democracy "über alles" (although Venezuela's "democracy" is totally dysfunctional), and while oppo Venezuelans have a long list of other priorities.

    On the other hand, Venezuela has always somehow been a different country, fitting no conventional mold, and the weirdest things can happen overnight. So, actually (hopefuly) a step change will somehow happen for who knows what reason.


  9. Island Canuck2:00 PM

    Glad to see your back again.
    It's still very slow loading at times in my Chrome browser.

    The last part to load on your homepage is the bar across the top. That may be the slow down.

    Right now it reads "This webpage is not available"

    Very odd for a Google site to be hanging all the time

  10. Juan Cristobal

    Your answer in the next post.

  11. Island

    It is not working quite right yet but at least I know it is a blogger problem and not an Esteban issue....

  12. Here Leopoldo looks like a child.Sorry.Why is there this cult of idealized youth ?...a population who does not savor the higher qualities of maturity ?There must be no incentive for it.


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