Saturday, October 22, 2011

And makes that three plus scores for Leopoldo Lopez today

I had not read the NYT yet and just before going to bed there is yet another great article about the fight of Leopoldo Lopez, by Simon Romero. 

So let's see, the business is covered by The Economist, the political intellectual side by the NYT, the diplomatic by the Carter Center. Next?

The fallout of Luisa Estella idiotic ruling and chavismo inability to come to grips with international reality is costing much more than I was myself expecting....  Someone inside chavismo gotta get fired on that mess.  How clueless can one be and how blinded by personal hatred to commit such a mistake?


  1. As for Romero's Mr. López, who rarely advertises his family ties to Bolívar

    uh huh.

  2. Sorry posted this on the wrong thread, so here it is on the right one:

    One can speculate on whether the judges were hedging their bets( as the Economist suggests) or whether they acted in accordance to Chavez's instructions.Depending on which of these 2 options is correct, either Chavez's power is waning, and the judges are hedging- or Chavez is still in complete control of the judiciary, and opting for the decision that was made with the express purpose of confounding and weakening the opposition.Both possibilities are feasible.


    By warning Leopoldo that it is not certain he will be allowed to take office if he wins,it creates a confused situation in which some people who might otherwise have voted for him don't do so for fear of losing their vote.If another oppo candidate, for example Capriles, wins the primaries we will never know if would still have won without the uncertainty of Leopoldo as a valid candidate.This other candidate's legitimacy as the strongest oppo candidate would then be compromised and weaken his position when competing against Chavez.This could also be a motive.

  3. Roger5:38 PM

    Of course they are afraid and hedging their bets. They have only Chavez who may or may not be around when the election is over. Leo is one of many heads of the MUD Hydra who are willing to put their heads on the line to insure a opposition victory. I think this and other moves provide distractions allowing others to move forward. Paz, even thought they did not try to hunt his head again, is another good example. Moves like this tell you Leo and most of the other will be a thorn in Chavez's side for a long time to come.

  4. syd

    he tries to avoid to say it but he is always asked about it.


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