Monday, January 09, 2012

The 2011 post (kind of late, no?)

And you thought you would escape a reflection on the year past.  But then again for once all was clear so why elaborate much?

Is there anything to discuss on the importance of the "Arab Spring" as to what will happen to us while they try to digest the conservative religious wave making its way to power through elections?  This "revolution"  is here with us for decades.  We better get used to it soon.

Is there anything to discuss on the importance of Fukushima?  Conjugating the nuclear disaster of Japan and the economic crisis will be haunting us for decades too, as we deal with the transition from cheap oil energy to more expensive and dangerous or not energies.

Is there anything else worth noting from last year?  Thus I will give you below for me what was the main salient point for Venezuela in 2011.
It was the year we learned how miserable a country we really are, not only from the chavista side but also quite a lot from the opposition side too.  It was the year when we finally understood that we are getting what we deserve.

This happened:

  • Chavez got sick and the regime was able to hide everything and no one really protested as it should be
  • PDVSA was accused of dealing with Iran in spite of UN sanctions and opposition politicians (such as Henrique Capriles Radonski) went knee-jerk to defend PDVSA
  • Corruption kept showing examples and the opposition preferred to focus on placating chavismo sensibilities
  • Chavez supported repeatedly the murderers of Syria and Lybia and I am yet to see a chavista defecting on that matter (the opposition reaction to that was rather bland if you ask me).
  • And more along those lines......
At least this year starts better in that three of the opposition candidates have condemned the visit of Ahmadinejerk starting today in Caracas.  But no word from HCR or PP on that matter, at this typing.  And forget about any chavista condemning a regime which has executed hundreds last year, which stones women, etc, etc....

And this IS THE BIG NEWS of 2011 for Venezuela.  The country confirmed that it has no use for ethics

Why the f..k am I bothering blogging, worrying about ethics? 


  1. Anonymous2:25 PM

    Is nuclear power really more dangerous than oil or coal? Even after Fukushima, more people die every year in coal mining and due to the effects of air pollution than have been killed in all nuclear accidents combined. Seriously, Nuclear power -- using newer safer designs and not running plants beyond their design life -- can still play a part in our energy future. -- Steve M

  2. I'm all for putting an end to international terrorism, but I think it's important to discuss another form of terrorism that's on the rise everywhere, and most especially in Chavezlandia. The kind of terrorism I'm talking about is personal terrorism and it's perpetrated by a very distinct type of person with a very distinct type of personality that I like to refer to as "The Rules Don't Apply to Me JERK" personality. Quite abundant in Venezuela right now.

    If there was ever a type of person who deserved to be thrown into jail, it's this type of person.As a group, these people are responsible for more irritation, more rudeness,more evil, and more bad behavior than any other group in the world.One small, rather benign, example of how these jerks operate:

    When they own a they take their dogs everywhere. They take them into restaurants, into the airports, and into stores...They don't give a blankety blank if there's a sign saying "No Dogs" or if somebody informs them that there are "No Dogs Allowed." They never put their dog on a leash (because "it wants to be free") and they always seem to be looking the other way or talking on their cell phone as the dog leaves a big, steaming pile of BLANK on your lawn. The rules NEVER apply to these people.When confronted, they cry police brutality or berate you for being too refined or some other lame accusation.

    Now take this example into the world of politics, and finance,magnify it and multiply it by about half the population and you get the recipe.

  3. Steve M

    I have no problem with Nuclear energy. My point is that it has started an emotional debate on it that is going to cause a lot of problems. The Germans, for example, will not have a nuclear plant on their soil (supposedly) but when the ones in France blow up where do they think the fallout will go?

    It has all started an hypocritical debate which is a way to hide that all want their cars and Ipad without worrying about the consequences for the planet.

  4. Roger9:27 PM

    You ask, why keep blogging. Because there will be a Latino Spring and hopefully before we are are all gone. I don't think Venezuelan's will lead it but, rather, be dragged kicking and screaming into it. From history we know the power of the pen or now days as in Arabia the Tweet!

  5. CharlesC4:24 AM

    Pérez también recalcó que Venezuela no saca ningún tipo de beneficios de los acuerdos con Irán. “Aquí realmente tenemos empresarios y constructores importantes que viven aquí en la región y pueden hacer esas viviendas y esos carros”. “Chávez lo que está haciendo es tapar una política ideológica con unas supuestas relaciones comerciales”
    Best quotation ever from Pablo Perez !!!!!

  6. I don't mind sharing my own thoughts on the matter of whether or not to continue the verbal struggle against Chavismo.

    Until Chavez, politics never held my interest, not even remotely.I began to ponder politics through this blog in order to get an understanding of the situation in Venezuela mainly because I was so worried; and as a side effect I was quite surprised to see just how many people out there are BADLY brainwashed by ideology, closed to reason, and very much into group-think and the fashionable conventional- wisdom -memes of the day,- on BOTH sides of the political spectrum , although the situation is quite a bit worse on the side of Chavez.I mean many people don't appear to think ,as it seems that thought thinks them,and if you think about it.... this sums up to be quite scarey!

    The world needs all the help it can get. Politics is a very powerful religion to so many people.

    As a young child I made an early decision to not worry excessively about what others thought ( within the limits of a certain respect for others of course), and continue my path relentlessly in the face of all odds.I think that is all we can do.We cannot change others, but we can uphold what we consider to be true, and that in itself makes life worth living.

    I consider you to be a more conscious person than the average Joe-therefore in my opinion your participation in the world of ideas here is very important to all people, but ultimately the decision to blog or not can and should only be made by you.

  7. OT: Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner does not, and did not, have cancer. So when will the retraction come from Chavez about his idiotic theory?

    1, 2...1,000,000...1,000,000,000...we'd better not hold our breath on this one!

  8. Anonymous2:40 PM


    Off Topic...there seems to be a lot of silence about the expulsion of the Consul from Miami. Both sides are talking around the subject. What did the US find out? Why are Chavez and Nicolas beign so quite about the details.

    I wonder if this much more than we are led to believe.


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