Friday, February 17, 2012

Fascistoid Bananarama in Venezuela

This week we got ample proof that we are indeed a true banana republic.  I will pass on the latest attempt at creating Tascon List III as I will come back on that later.  I will just point out that the attempt was so badly botched that I have to believe that they actually wanted to botch it because they really did not want to follow Chavez instructions.

I will pass on the series of cadenas since yesterday, where Chavez have spent most of his time insulting, INSULTING the opposition and its candidate.  The guy is certifiable, why insist?

I will pass on the latest antisemitic bout which is an omen of worse to come.  And if I pass on that it is because the alluded party missed today a great opportunity to criticize the Chavez foreign policy as the UN massively voted for condemning Syria's regime, Venezuela voting against the resolution.  Capriles is going to have to grow up as a candidate and realize that there are more things to do for a president than fixing potholes.

But today I cannot pass on the oil spill of Monagas which has left 3/4 of its people without access to drinking water for maybe a month.  An oil spill that could have been prevented, an oil spill that could have been controlled earlier but was not because the guys were off to Caracas to celebrate February 4th parade.  What does Chavez do?  Certainly not go there to support its people, and even less mention it these days in any of his cadenas.  See, Chavez could not care less about his people, he only cares about his political survival which now can only be gained though insults and blackmail.  And by the way Monagas is the state which voted the most for Chavez in 2006, with 71%.  Good for them!


  1. I don't know Daniel, people don't really care much about Foreign Policy in Venezuela, I mean they did criticize Chavez on Libya, I never got the impression that they got much traction from that. The people who are voting for President sadly as a majority have too many day to day issues to care too much about what happens in a Foreign Land. It just distracts. If he wins the Presidency THEN those issues will become more important.

    1. Capriles did not have to make a big speech but it was an excellent opportunity for him to counter anti semitism in the regime by supporting the arab people of Syria... you know, "el pueblo arabe". and if Chavez comes back roaring better for Capriles because it proves he manages the agenda.

    2. Anonymous8:09 PM

      I don´t agree at all Daniel; he would be playing into Chavez´hands if he were to bring anti semitism as a topic for discussion; remember the master plan is to totally ignore the guy, besides this is like you said a banana land and CR is trying to win over chavistas who due to their discontent with their leader are easy prey.

  2. Anonymous11:26 AM

    Ya elegimos a nuestro candidato, lo que no es del gusto del presidente Chavez, no sabe como insultarlo y nos encadena por horas, así no ganará el respeto. Lo peor es el derrame de petroleo en Monagas, habla y habla Chacumbele y ni una palabra sobre el asunto, espero que los monaguenses no le perdonen. La Maga Lee

  3. Anonymous12:30 PM

    I agree with the last sentence in your first paragraph. My first impression was that the ruling was done late and sloppy. Chavez did not have the support of his team in this ruling but they went through the steps anyway. I hope this emboldens a rebellion within Chavista land.

  4. Boludo Tejano12:41 PM

    An oil spill that could have been prevented, an oil spill that could have been controlled earlier but was not because the guys were off to Caracas to celebrate February 4th parade.

    One more nail on the coffin of PDVSA. I know a consulting engineer who goes to Venezuela to inspect PDVSA facilities. Before 2002, pretty darn good. Since then, worse every year.

  5. Maybe Capriles was trying to avoid exposing himself to the an attack by Chavez who could accuse him of being a US and Zionist agent.

    I can just hear Chavez say : " as a Zionist it is no wonder that he is attacking the heroic Syrian government that is fighting against a revolt provoked by the US and Israel."

  6. There's an international issue that always spark interest in Venezuela (and that could actually make Capriles win the support of the nationalists), the Essequibo, which Chávez kinda gave away to Guyana.


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