Saturday, February 25, 2012

Just when you thought it could not get much weirder....

Chavez left today for Cuba to have something removed.  I leave the "something" because it is the vagueness that micomandantepresidente likes best when we talk about what pain in the ass he suffers from.  Since chavismo is in so much trouble it was irresistible for them to organize a little bit of tribal cum Pentecostal delirium to wish him well on his trip.  So for the past three days Chavez has been doing cadena after cadena, several hours most of them.  And in these cadenas we only saw Chavez political party activities (trying to catch up with the opposition organization) and diverse religious activities for lack of a better word.  We need to understand  that Chavez may not be the deity himself but certainly he has gotta be the channel to that deity (preferably Simon Bolivar mesmo).

This afternoon we reached a paroxysm of grotesque.  The descent from Caracas to the airport was lined, supposedly, by chavistas in a huge orgy of love towards their beloved leader.  On some stretches Chavez emerged from the roof of the car, shook hands and had a portrait of Christ taped on the windshield.  I will pass on the VTV anchors force feeding the whole country the declarations of love of chavistadom.  Yes, it was a cadena, the forced simultaneous broadcast of all TV and radio stations of Chavez activities. I wonder what people stuck in traffic, about to miss their flight, made out of the hysterical gibberish  coming off their radio....

None was much spontaneous however.  Chavismo in its descent towards imbecility forgot to control the images.  If indeed the close range shots suggested throngs of people saying good bye to the beloved leader (maybe even fooling Chavez himself), for us who have been observing such shows for years we detected more mistakes than ever.

First, for something so "spontaneous" there was an awful amount of red shirted people.  I mean, they carry one with them at all times just in case?

Second, the amount of flowers thrown at Chavez (kind of necrophiliac happy burial mood if you ask me) had to be prepared. Who paid for that?  Specially driving along the "ranchos" where florist certainly do not abound, nor gardens.....

Third, they dared to show aerial pictures, something usually carefully avoided 'cause it gives away the show.  Sure enough, we could see lots of buses parked nearby the crowds they brought and that the crowds were in fact placed densely at strategic points, nearby areas empty.  If the impression on close up was of lined streets, the aerial views told an opposite story.  I  cannot believe they made such a mistake!  Truly, chavismo is in such shock that they forget to watch out presidential imagery!!!!!

Tonight we also learn that the light Chritmas crosses across Venezuela in cities which are dominated by some mountain will be relit until Chavez comes back from Cuba....

There you have, the campaign of Chavez for October, run on emotion alone, play as much as possible on his diseases and the miracles of his recoveries even if they do not seem to last that long.....  Rationality is gone for good not only in Chavez head but his co-dependent and enablers.


  1. Anonymous4:28 AM

    And that IS the news.Daniel, you certainly nailed this one. This is one of those times I wish everyone could/would read your post.
    Thank you for clearly reporting -live!
    Big attaboy!
    How sad to see Venezuelans "gamed" again by their commandante and his minions.

  2. Juan Cristóbal4:40 AM

    A grotesque spectacle. It reminded me of Diana's funeral, with a waving, overweight, encadenao corpse.

  3. He is now a demi-God and gods don't care about elections.

    I think that is where its headed.

  4. Charly5:18 AM

    Perhaps on his next trip he can borrow the papamobile in order to bless his flock. Meanwhile we are in real trouble. As you all well know, the Cubans are world class in genetic medecine. You just need to see the movie "Die another day". You will come out convinced. Well you know what? They are about to clone the freaking bastard.

    1. Charly, I can assure you that Cubans ARE NOT world class in genetic medicine. This is a PhD in molecular biology telling you so. What there are world class is propaganda for the gullible. Not you, of course even if on occasion one can fall for it :-)

      The thing is that they are not afraid to try out "experimental" procedures and when they make a hit we all know about it. But they never tell you how many died along the way...... See, no peer and review NIH panel there.

    2. charly8:26 PM

      Fully agree Daniel. When I was in secondary school, our French teacher thought there should exist an irony mark like there is a question and exclamation mark. If it existed, it would have gone at the end of my text.

    3. Charly,

      I think you do need that "Irony Mark". My sarcasm detector failed to pick up on that one too.

    4. Charly2:16 PM

      Roy, ever seen the movie "Die another day"? That is really serious stuff. Definitely the irony mark is a must.

  5. 1979 Boat People7:09 AM

    Tsar Putin compaign slogans:

    Racy Putin videos woo 'first time' Russia voters

    1. 1979 Boat People7:29 AM

      Ksenia Sobchak's spoof video on Youtube.

  6. Anonymous7:57 AM

    That picture of Christ looks American to me, probably sent from the Empire itself.

  7. Anonymous4:13 PM

    A few things to notice from the "Chávez I love you" image:

    - They put the accent on the "a". Good for them.

    - They used the singular (*I* love you) instead of the plural (*we* love you). Either they thought they wouldn't get enough people for the plural ("amamos"), or their hive mind is really, really freakish.

    - They didn't have enough people for the heart. So their effort is literally halfhearted. (You can make so many jokes about this part we should turn it into a contest.)

  8. Anonymous4:16 PM

    I agree Daniel on your post. Excellent as usual, by the way. Reported on the web, these words from Chavez when he arrived i9n Cuba:

    "Our (founding) father Simon Bolivar once said, 'I am a man of troubles.' I say as a son of Bolivar, I too am a man of troubles. We are a people of troubles," Chavez said. "Let the troubles come and add like the cross of Christ to the definitive liberation of the country. With the cross of Christ, one must sometimes bear pain as a spur to love. It is fuel for love."

    "I say this from my gut: With cancer or without cancer … come rain, thunder or lightning … nobody can avoid a great patriotic victory Oct. 7," the president said. "Long live Chavez!"

  9. Dr. Faustus4:40 PM

    "We need to understand that Chavez may not be the deity himself but certainly he has gotta be the channel to that deity (preferably Simon Bolivar mesmo)."
    "....Rationality is gone for good not only in Chavez head but his co-dependent and enablers."

    Following this line of reasoning, this is a recipe for uncontrolled violence were the elections to go bad for them in October. I fear the consequences of this continuing insanity. It's simply frightening.

  10. The clown's show probably cost a few million bucks, or whatever, but who's counting? I honestly hope he cracks in Cuba. And real soon. Otherwise his crooked people will steal the elections, and it's another 13 years of misery, lies, deaths, atracos, secuestros, and corruption.

  11. Island Canuck6:13 PM

    "this is a recipe for uncontrolled violence"

    This is just one story out of millions.

    My sister in law lives in a residential community of some 400 residences.
    The community in the past was always very cooperative in the general upkeep & appearance of the community.

    There was a community counsel for the area that was non Chavista due to the political makeup of the home owners.

    Some years back the government allowed a group of refugees from the 1999 floods to take over a number of houses that were in the hands of Fondene.

    These people who were not home owners quickly took control of the CC. The original members were threatened & yelled at and basically shoved out. One was even told that CCs must be Chavista in make-up.

    The crime rate soared. There have been numerous attempts at invasions orchestrated by the new group. One of the sections in the community decided to take matters into their own hands and the home owners constructed gates at the entrances to the section as a security measure & to prevent invasions into privately owned properties.

    Now the people of a neighbouring village are threatening reprisals based on free access to the land saying it is theirs. That, of course is paja as it's a private residential community.

    The whole point is that this is the threat that hangs over all of us who live here. If something happens to Chavez or he loses the election there will be definitely be a certain segment of Chavismo or pseudo Chavismo who will try & take advantage of the situation. We must all be prepared to protect our homes & businesses. The day will be here sooner than later.

  12. Boludo Tejano6:41 PM

    Here is a Wiki excerpt on Evita Perón, another charismatic South American demagogue afflicted with cancer.

    On 4 June 1952, Evita rode with Juan Perón in a parade through Buenos Aires in celebration of his re-election as President of Argentina. Evita was by this point so ill that she was unable to stand without support. Underneath her oversized fur coat was a frame made of plaster and wire that allowed her to stand. She took a triple dose of pain medication before the parade, and took another two doses when she returned home.

    Wiki also has a picture of Evita at a rally at Plaza De Mayo on October 17, 1951, held up by Juan Domingo’s hands.

    Seven weeks before her death, she rode in a parade supported by a plaster frame. That is rather ghoulish. Is this tale a premonition of a future event in Venezuela?

  13. So long, farewell, aufwidersehen, goodbye.

    The leader of the Trapped Family Singers is off the show for a month.

  14. Anonymous8:15 PM

    This sets a dangerous tone for the powers that be in Vzla. He is sending clear messages to those powers that he is the "salvation" and no matter what happens (he loses elections) he must remain in power for the "paz y tranquilidad de los ninos y ninas" "por la estabilidad del pais". He knows by now that he will most likely lose in Oct. He knows it will be chaos soon after and he will pull out the "i told you so card". Capriles the MUD must prepare for this and combat this right now or Vzla will erupt in civil war by early 2013 and total anarchy will rein in the streets

    1. Island Canuck10:01 PM

      If he loses the election the dangerous time will be the 3 months between Oct. 7 & January when Capriles is supposed to take over.

      One easy strategy, as you mention, is simply create so much violence & lawlessness that he will declare a state of emergency & simply not leave.

      That assumes he's still breathing which I strongly doubt.

  15. Anonymous1:47 AM

    Vi (me calé) la cadena de despedida del principio al fin y mis ojos no creian lo que vieron. Esto fué de un mal gusto irremediable, de un cursi y de una pavoso increible, las flores se las ponen a los muertos! y quién las paga, nosotros porque no sé si se fijaron la cantidad de autobuses parados, esto no fué espontáneo y ellos mismos se fregaron, con vistas de helicóptero se veía que la gente no era ni tanta. De paso el Presidente no parecía enfermo, apretando manos y riendo. La Maga Lee

  16. Boludo Tejano3:03 AM

    La Maga Lee:
    De paso el Presidente no parecía enfermo, apretando manos y riendo. La Maga Lee

    We have neither medical expertise nor accurate knowledge of Thugo's condition. So, we speculate. To support your point of view: nine months before her death, Evita needed Juan Domingo's support to stand upright. Yet not long ago Thugo had a nine hour long cadena. On the other hand, my father outwardly appeared to be in good health and had no trouble getting around when he was diagnosed with cancer. Less than three months after he was diagnosed with cancer, he was dead.

    In summation: who the heck knows? I certainly don't. Saber....

  17. Thanks, Daniel, for posting this. It is so amazing. I later checked out the comments of supporters in Últimas Noticias...that was even nuttier.

  18. Nasty nano-technology has stricken Chavez with cancer once again to ensure his demise :)
    Now he's going to Cuba for another round of 'holistic medicine', partially consisting of voodoo incantations.

    I also read somewhere that the CIA can either cure or kill a person through a process using the emulsion on a photographic negative of themselves. Very scary – so perhaps it's time for Chavez to start wearing a tinfoil hat to protect against all incoming signals, extra thick for paranoid bipolars.

  19. Anonymous5:49 PM

    By the way, is Zelaya still on Chavez's
    payroll? Chavez has been quiet about
    Honduras, re. last ALBA meeting-I noted
    not a word about Honduras? Why?

  20. Anonymous5:51 PM

    Also remember -discovered voting machines in Honduras (from Venzeuala) with results already on computer -before there was even an election.


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