Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Cleaning up your record on the web

Alek Boyd has an interesting story as to some people wanting to erase stuff he published on Venezuelan corrupt practices.  Read it, if anything to see what a lousy job they are doing at it, and not only because of their dismal English from people claiming to be lawyers....  Maybe that it the way they are recycling the hacks that used to torment us in the comment sections years past.


  1. Boludo Tejano1:49 PM

    That was a fascinating story. Note that the thug trying to intimidate Alek Boyd used a name that resembled that of a NYC attorney who specializes in business law- contracts, etc. Such an attorney would have no need of a fly-by-night client who wanted to intimidate Alek Boyd. Nor would such an attorney refer to some arcane United Nations "law."

    That "law" would not fly in any court, except a Chavista court. Or in the court of Baltasar Garzón, the Spanish judge who went after Pinochet and others, who recently got disbarred for not following the same law he was supposed to enforce.

    Nor, as you point out, would such an attorney demean himself with such a poorly written document. Nor would a client who paid attorney fees tolerate such a poorly written document.

    Nor would such an attorney write such e-mails as he did to Alek Boyd and refuse to identify his client. The irony about refusing to identify the client was that the links that the "attorney" was discussing were rather blatantly discussing a given Robulutionary.

    On so many levels, this doesn't pass the sniff test. Kudos to Alek Boyd for calling the Robolutionary on his game.

    I wonder who is doing this on behalf of the Robolutionary.

    1. Hack "lawyers" from Mision Sucre at State expenses? you know, just a wild guess.....

    2. Boludo Tejano3:55 PM

      All emails, whether from Ferzinger or Rijock, were sent from the same IP address:
      Sender:, mailout-us.gmx.com, United States, Wayne, 40.0548 - 75.4083, AS8560 1&1 Internet AG

      So not from Mision Sucre, as the IP address is from the US. [I checked- but got no more specific location than the US.] My guess is that EvitaChavista or Dr. Whitebread could have helped out Robolutionary, if they were so inclined- with some dosh for motivation. Revolution doesn't come for free from those two. Or someone at a consulate- Whtebread's wife?

      There are plenty of US lefties who would be glad to assist- without any money and without prodding from Chavista higher-ups. A long-ago troll from Florida, whose name I need not mention, had he the intellect, could have done something like this on his own. Who knows what contacts the Robolutionary has in the US? Maybe his banker?

      In any event, this was a very interesting posting from Mr. Boyd.

    3. Boludo Tejano4:07 PM

      Actually, the IP address can be narrowed down: Wayne, Pennsylvania, which is in the Philadelphia suburbs, about 20 miles from downtown. There is a consulate in Philadelphia. Perhaps a member of the consulate lives in Wayne.

    4. Or it is a masked IP address and it is written from any number of places.

  2. Wow, this is hilarious. I was half expecting to come across a sentence like "Please to email my friend in who is Nigeria" somewhere in there.

    I like how the email came from "lawyer.com" - doesn't seem to be too hard to get an address there.

    1. Why? Dreaming of AIO@lawyer.com?

    2. Lawyer@AIO.com sounds SO much better! :) I might have to settle (no legal pun intended) though...but it appears AIO.int is still available!

      Don't be too embarrassed about not thinking of the Nigerian scam. The Nigerians are much better writers.

  3. I wonder if this guy also writes letters for Nigerian Scam e-mails...?

    1. I am embarrassed that i did not think of that one :)

  4. I like how they completely misunderstood the website that they were supposed to represent and called the company "DevilSexcrement" (note the capitalization).

    1. Exactly, Devil Sexcrement! LOL But my favorite was that he was representing "DevilSexcrement Media Group" LOL Oh I hope Miguel got a good laugh out of that.

  5. Thanks for linking Daniel.

  6. What amazingly poor English skills coming from this guy, and his Spanish is even poor as well; a 'charmer' of the ilk who make their livlihood from being professionally STUPID.He is seemingly trying to browbeat Alex from an assumed, though dodgy, 'moral higher ground" HA!

    This reminds me of my own trials with a neighbor.My 3 yr old grandson threw a small rock that landed in their yard.The "lady" of the house marched herself to my stoop only to threaten us with the police because she feared if he did it again it might land in her swimming pool.I then proceeded calmly(not seething) to assure her that the idea of calling the police was brilliant as I would get the easy chance to show them the infraction of the law she was creating by not having a 6 foot fence around her pool :)Go Alex!


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