Friday, April 06, 2012

Maundy Thursday Carnival in Barinas

It looks like things may not be going well for Chavez.  Returning from his latest zapping in Havana (he stops by in  Caracas to insult and threaten folks in between radiotherapy sessions) he went straight ahead to his home state of Barinas where a special mass was held late afternoon for his well being.  A mass, of course, he presided: why need the help of a catholic priest when you are good enough to ask for life extension yourself.  I am not sure at what scale/stage number of denial and grief he is but tonight it was the bargain phase, when he asked Jesus to give him more life even if that one would be marked by intgense personal physical suffering.  We are Maundy Thursday after all..... and I suppose it was in good taste to offer to suffer more than Christ himself.
If you understand Spanish it is worthwhile to watch the excerpt from El Universal (sorry, cannot embed it).  In it you will hear Chavez asking for Christ crown so he can bleed to, and for 100 crosses to bear and what not....  If you have the stomach for it you can try theTelesur version of more than 20 minutes....  And to supplement the high level of grotesque do not miss the Venezuelan news agency, ABN, making it a piece of news that chavistas twitterers made a tag that trended#ChávezTeAmamos "chavez we love you"
Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction, the more so in the realm of the grotesque...
Added later, after finding it in Youtube:


  1. What a weird country that country of yours, Daniel...really weird!
    Yesterday I had the impression the guy was worse than I previously thought when he told Lula he was planning to go to Brazil. My impression is he is thinking about perhaps undergoing a treatment in Brazil...but he won't stick to it...

  2. Se le metió el miedo en el cuerpo al maldito ese...

  3. Island Canuck1:28 PM

    He's now apparently going to Brasil for treatment. Yesterday's performance was a true indication of the depth of the problem.

    This is the same man that some years ago said the church was a tumor on the world or something like that. What you say comes back to haunt you!

    Capriles said yesterday "“promueven el odio, la confrontación entre hermanos, la violencia (…)y dicen ser seguidores de Jesucristo! Están bien lejos de él”."

    People that "authorize hate, confrontation between brothers, violence and then say they are followers of Christ! They are very far from him."

    Well said. The end needs to come sooner than later for the good of Venezuela.

  4. Daniel,
    I suppose your opinion on Chávez's ultimate departure and its consequences for Venezuela hasn't changed, has it?

  5. It's dangerous to assign a messianic task to a leader because he might end up believing in it.

  6. Island Canuck2:55 PM

    Hugo Chávez Confiesa no Creer en Dios
    May 26, 2008

  7. Anonymous3:02 PM

    Headline-- Hugo Chavez visits Venezuela. I saw it but could not find it again.

  8. Thank you for going the extra distance, Daniel, by providing that Telesur link. Dios mio, qué veborrea. Trained seals in the background, momma weeping a little, Chávez' need to compare himself to Christ, Don Quixote, and Bolívar. No surprise. The invoking of el Ché, but not his murderous record, the exhorting of delusions, not only in reference to himself, but to others (we are descendants of giants...), the suggestion that his prayers could have diverted, at the last minute, Katrina's furious trajectory towards Cuba ... How vast and varied is the landscape of mental illness. Please, dear Lord, take this man out of his misery.

    1. And thank you for commenting on Telesur. I just had no energy for that....

  9. Charly4:54 PM

    Sure beats "The Artist". As we say back home: l'éternel cabotin.

  10. Boludo Tejano7:56 PM

    "No me lleves todavia" [don't take me yet] are not the words of someone who expects to live decades more.

  11. Dr. Faustus8:11 PM

    "How vast and varied is the landscape of mental illness. Please, dear Lord, take this man out of his misery."

    A profound thought. Well written.

    1. Anonymous8:15 PM

      Take this man out of "our" misery.
      We can prosper without his presence.

  12. Will W11:58 PM

    Hugo is soon to be revolutionary worm food and an ugly footnote on bolivarian socialism. Good riddance!

  13. Anonymous1:34 AM

    Off topic but what the @#@$? Is Rangel Silva saying that there may be a next president...different tone completely.

    Your thoughts

    1. Anonymous1:35 PM

      Ummmmmm, I've been trying to work than out. Came to the conclusion he was trying to define 'ambivelance'.

  14. Anonymous6:52 PM

    Hopefully not too O/T:

  15. Anonymous9:29 PM

    Hugo thinks of everything...for Cuba-ha.


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