Tuesday, May 08, 2012

La République

Needless to say that today I am intensely proud of also being French.

Look at the pictures in the post below.  A country which after a bitter election is able to come together in such a way, all respecting the symbols of La République, is a country that still has some greatness left in it.  I do not know about other French folks, but this one here is reconciled in full with the vote of last Sunday. Come what may come.

And chapeau to Sarkozy who after having made such a spectacle of himself costing him the election, reminds the world in case it forgot that he has always been a democrat first.  As I wrote in other posts, greatness is always measured in the dark hours and Sarkozy comes out flying.  Compare this to the dark hours of Chavez we are living today where all the pettiness of the world is falling upon us.....


  1. Charly8:10 PM

    Daniel, you hit the nail right on the head, especially with respect to this third rate cagatinta or whatever Nicmer Evans. Between him, Perez Pirela and Mario Silva, they remind me of Moe, Larry and Curly. The photo is superb and shows all the difference in the world between civilization and militaristic mongrel coupsters.

  2. Daniel,

    If living in Venezuela has taught me anything, is to never take things like Democracy for granted.And i'm glad you also realize this. Seeing this post made me feel all french inside, but then i remembered what i am.

  3. Thanks for the coverage. Since i consider myself a third French (Maternelle-Bac au Colegio Francia en Campo Claro) I also feel proud of this transparent democratic process in France. Allez Asterix et Obelix!
    Carlos I.

  4. Johnny Walking12:47 AM

    I am not French (just from right next door, down south), but I feel very proud for the French people because they have shown the world once more how to celebrate an election with outmost civility. However, I don’t think Sarkozy’s personal failings did him in as much as the economic crisis that threatens to bring down the whole of Europe. As professor Krugman states, the austerity measures will not bring back the “confidence fairy.” I think this has been demonstrated ad nauseam in Ireland and Spain, for instance. If Hollande implements the Keynesian measures that are needed to jump start the European economy – just as Obama shyly and insufficiently did in the US preventing at least a situation such as that in Europe – then European prospects for growth will look much better. Who knows? May be in a few years Hollande will be hailed as the savior of Europe.

    1. Yes Johnny Walking, It seems that Germany is eager to lose more money by insisting on austerity measures that do not work as a loan requirement :)

  5. Anonymous1:04 AM

    Yes, it is always so beautiful when they parade and this time the weather was very nice too.
    It's beautiful and graceful. I always love that feeling from watching...

  6. Anonymous1:55 AM

    I'm not French, well not that I know about. However I do have a feeling of satisfied respect for the two Opposing leaders when they come together to remember the past.
    Both of my Greatgrandfathers are buried in France, one in Arras and the other in Loos.

  7. If that Nicmer is a politics expert and analyst, Er Conde del Guácharo is a nuclear physicist.
    It's a pity the democratic forces don't inform as they should about positions in Europe. The Socialist Party of France, with all its weird things, has been very vocal against Chávez and his military and that since very early on.
    I just did a quick google now and the first thing I found was this. It is an article form 2007 where the communist Melechon complains the PS criticized Chávez for celebrating back then the 1992 coup..."for a celebration in a corner of Venezuela". Putting aside the fact Melechon is an idiot, this shows the PS has paid attention to what is going on in Venezuela. I have seen several of their declarations.

  8. @ Johnny walinking

    You should thank God you are not French living in France, unless you want to pay 75% on income in Taxes…! Just like Obama would love to do here in U.S.

    1. Beto, although that tax would be rather counter-productive and I do not defend it: I doubt Johnny earns more than 1 million euros.

      Johnny, if you do, I can tell you how you can use 0.001% of that in something useful for Venezuela.

  9. @ Kepler & others hum outright dismiss people like Nicmer.

    I don’t think these chaveta sudo analysts are so wrong about Hollande, this guy based on what I have read in the last couple of weeks is a Far left guy, that is surely more aligned with a Chavez than with a Centrist or mild Right government in Europe these days (i.e Spain). Not to mention an Allied in international anti American in all fronts.. Just watch.. Time will tell.

    1. Beto

      If people of your side were not considering Romney a leftist or cheer because that commie of Lugar is out, such words would have more resonance.


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