Friday, May 04, 2012

Of dropeth shoes and rats out of ships: et tu Hugo Carvajal?

Well, looks like the "apontiada^2", famous epic poem on corruption and abuse of power is just starting.  Through a tweeeet, representative Ismael Garcia tells us that not only a second high court Judge has left the country (should we start using words such as defected?), but a famous drug trafficker suspect has just left.  Seeking the witness protection program?  Since it is a mere tweet we shall wait more until commenting on Marco Tulio Dugarte defection and even more, Carvajal escape..... Yet Globovision feels confident enough to put it on its website page. See you later.

Update 1: good thing I have a limited trust in tweets: Dugarte is reported to be in Venezuela by El Universal. Ooooh...   This is going to be so much fun to watch! Garcia lied? Was he hacked? Dugarte missed his flight?

Update 2: Is it egg face time for Ismael?  I have added the links corresponding, one with the announcement of the "defection" which now includes the tweet of Ismael (Globo ain't going down alone on that one) and the rebuttal.  Other papers fell for the story.  A lot of people are going to be really piss off at Ismael if he does not come out clear with his reasons.....

Just a comment: I read the CV of Dugarte and to tell you the truth there is no way he has the credentials to be sitting in the high court of a country.  Then again he was at CASA when that one started doing "deals" in the early years of Chavez.  Surely that counts for something......  And he and his wife did try to make good, the wife even ending in in jail for a while, unusual for chavistas.

An interesting detail: this rather small town lackluster judge (he seems to have specialized in dead beats) has a brother currently seating in the National Assembly PSUV bench.  A family that knew where to place its bets.  Well, a few yeas ago anyway.  I feel so much better......  and note that the representative Dugarte has been as discrete as his judge brother these years: nothing much to notice him or commend them for.  At least his wife did not go to jail that I know of at this writing.


  1. What the hell is wrong with Ismael Garcia? This is already May. He's got to answer for his lies.

  2. Anonymous7:27 PM

    The floodgates are starting to leak. Chavistas see that everything is sinking and want out.

    Also watch for family members of high ranking Chavistas leaving Venezuela for extended periods or purchasing homes in foreign countries.

    I have no sympathy for these characters. They followed orders and benefited greatly.

    1. Charly8:01 PM

      Even better than that, they are starting to kill one another, Jesus Aguilarte, Wilmer Moreno. Who is going to get who now, Maduro or Cabello. Relax, don't make your suitcase, don't hit for Maiquetia, sit down and pass the popcorn, I suspect that for us spectators it is going to be fun to watch. Chavez gave us bread, now comes the circus part.


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