Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The opposition finally condemns strongly Chavez pro Assad policies

I am pleased to announce that the Venezuelan opposition has finally condemned unambiguously the support of Chavez toward the Assad regime.  You can read the communique here.

About time!


  1. Good for them.

    "Esta y otras alianzas estratégicas del Presidente Chávez van en contra de los principios democráticos, los sentimientos de paz y de responsabilidad internacional que siempre han caracterizado a los venezolanos."

    I certainly hope no one is surprised by this, since Chavez isn't interested in democratic principles, peace, or responsibility in Venezuela.

  2. Anonymous10:52 PM

    Horrible photos on Caracas Gringo. The lefties will not abandon their mass murderer buddy Assad as the children die. They will be saying American mercenaries did it next. At least they got Khadafy. And Chavez likens himself to Jesus?

  3. Charles Taylor, the former Liberian president, was sentenced to 50 years in prison by the tribunal in The Hague for aiding and abetting the rebels who committed the atrocities (crimes against humanity). An interest precedent, which should make Chavez and Assad think about the consequences of their crimes. They are protected now, one by Russia and the other by China, but their day will come. There is also this other court that springs into action at the end of life.

  4. Anonymous11:54 AM

    Chavez actions supporting a murderous tyrant dictator are a warning to the people of Venezuela. Chavez sees no limits on what can be done to maintain power. Protestors have already been killed in Caracas with the government having no intention of prosecuting the well-documented killers. Chavez continually hints at future violence and blames it on the opposition just like Assad. It bodes terrible if Chavez loses the election in October and it bodes terrible if Chavez wins the election in October.


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