Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tweets on jails and delusions of the chavista aristocracy

Looking through twitter for actual quotes is an ungrateful task, but it can pay off.  On last Friday I heard in Alo Ciudadano that the science minister, Jorge Arreaza, was congratulating Iris Valera as the "FIRST" person with the courage to tackle the jail problem.  Well, even though Globovision was wrong (it was a re-tweet) it is still a faux pas from Arreaza who of all people should have known better.

The retweet

Mi solidaridad y apoyo a la Ministra , por ser la primera con el VALOR de destapar y resolver el prob de las cárceles. VALIENTE

It says:

My solidarity and support [solidarity is a mandatory word in orwellochavista speak] to minister Iris Varela [the one for jails] who is the first one with the COURAGE to uncover and resolve the problems of jails.  COURAGEOUS.
She did not mince her words in exposing her own ignorance.

For the sake of fact checking I went to her tweet line and found it, posting it next.

Mi solidaridad y apoyo a la Ministra , por ser la primera con el VALOR de destapar y resolver el prob de las cárceles. VALIENTE

Claudia Salerno is a non-entity who has been just named vice foreign minster for North American affairs, because we are told she has experience in international agreements on ecology, something funny for a regime who has been the most ecologically disastrous of our history.  But I digress.  The point is that there is little to find on her except interviews on left wing sheets such as the ineffable Correo del Orinico.  So I am not going to blame her on such an idiotic tweet, she is just your average wide eyed leftist.  But I am going to blame Arreaza for re-tweeting it because he should know better.

See, Arreaza started his chavista rise to fame by being a bland talk show in VTV.  I used to watch him on occasion because in the early years of chavistadom he was one of the few that still pretended to be objective and non confrontational.  Although he was clearly a radical for those able to pick on hints.  Arreaza has been associated to the news from chavismo since the beginning and thus he has no excuse in ignoring that nothing was ever done to solve the problem of Venezuelan jails.  Promoting Iris Varela now, pretending that chavismo has not been in charge SINCE 1999, 13 years, is not even intellectual dishonesty: it is plain idiocy.

But I suppose that Arreaza is now above such considerations of time and responsibilities.  After all, he left VTV because he married one of Chavez daughters and he is now minister for science and technology.  That is, he belongs to the royal family that includes Chavez brothers and parents to all sorts of administrative positions, preferably through which lots of money flows.

Chavismo, after 13 years in office is really losing any sense of perspective, any attach to reality, any shame....  They really need a few years in opposition to wake up.  Not that the current opposition has awakened much but that is another story.


  1. Dr. Faustus4:46 PM

    I remember a photograph of Arreaza in a previous post of yours:


    Obviously this guy is quite an influential member of the Chavez entourage. The photo 'in your post' shows him seated to the right of Hugo chavez, under the banners of Marti and Bolivar, in Cuba. Why is he there? Cuba?

    1. Faustus

      You made my day. Love it when readers remember such details.

  2. Dr. Faustus3:26 PM


    It is interesting to note which potential future political players are within Chavez's inner circle. Times are changing. Although still very young, Arreaza is certainly part of that group, as per the photo I referenced. Madura appears to be a constant fixture in Hugo's inner circle both in Havana in Caracas. Could it be that he's the guy to watch? It reminds me of the old Soviet Union 'kremlinologists' who would carefully note who stood next to whom on top of Lenin's tomb (forgive the pun) as the tanks and troops rumbled below on that cold November day. It was the only way to know who was 'climbing' in stature in the old Soviet Politburo, and who was falling. Interesting stuff.

  3. Faux pas? Perhaps in a bon-bon eating society. But in this criollo context, I think it's more like paso fó.


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