Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Happily wasting money away on toys....

... in which we learn that not only Chavez/PDVSA are spending more on Pastor Maldonado ridiculous Formula 1 career than on Venezuelan main technological university, USB, but that with their spare change they also are sponsoring cars in other races such as Le Mans with team 44...  (hat tip: BDK)
The mind reels....
Then again PDVSA does not appear as sponsor but Avior Airlines which one wonders how in hell they manage to make enough money in Venezuela to sponsor such a thing.... Who are the owners of Avior these days? Duncan also is a sponsor...  What about CADIVI? Do they do dollars for such type of sponsoring that is of little use in Venezuela but no dollars for students abroad?


  1. The word "venezuela" is written with the same font and design used by the Chavez tourism propaganda. It is plainly obvious.

    1. I wouldn't say 'tourism', unless you mean by that a 'malandro-magnet'. Who's going to want to come to Vzla as a tourist, when there is so little security?

      I think the Vzla name promotion is simply a "look-at-me-I'm-big-and-powerful-money's-no-object" message of the chavista government, aka, Hugo Chávez.

  2. Anonymous4:54 PM

    The Revolution has priorities. It is easy and quick to buy technology from other countries such as F1 race cars or satellites to demonstrate to the World that Venezuela is a technologically advanced country. Taking the effort to build a major technological university in Venezuela does not have the same immediate positive impact for the Chavista government.

    In Caracas, An F1 race car can no faster than an old Chevrolet. Avior Airlines appears to be laundering drug money when they spend a fortune on money losing race car business.

  3. Dr. Faustus5:08 PM

    "Avior Airlines appears to be laundering drug money..."

    Oh my. I hadn't thought of that. It's dead-on.

  4. You think this is crazy? You just wait till the Headman talks to Bernie and brings the circus to the Circuit Caracas.

  5. Anonymous10:01 AM

    "Circuit Caracas"!! With all the traffic and bad roads, the drivers would be better off getting out of their race cars and jogging around the circuit. It there any rule that driver has to be with his car to win the race?

    A 500km race in downtown Caracas will take at least a week to complete under the best conditions.

  6. Anonymous2:15 PM

    I don't know...the Avior sponsorship seem to be associated with a relatively small team. There are other Venezuelan companies involved (Duncan). I think some are jumping the gun talking about laundering and so forth.

  7. Ah Anon at 10:01, the streets will be sealed off and made safe for the F1 Circus, all will be made wonderful, perhaps paint will be done. It won't be cheap, but nothing says we have money to burn like an F1 venue.

    I am sarcastic and sad, in better days this would be just damn wonderful.

  8. Anonymous9:19 PM

    I like auto racing, I follow it on the sports news sites and think it's kinda cool how they manage to come to many of the same conclusions regarding technology, and it's noisy, fast, and a bit on the dangerous side of things.
    But how Chavez can justify spending public money on auto events is beyond my comprehension. Is it only an exercise in vanity for him? Who knows.

  9. Anonymous8:13 PM

    Que empiecen tapando los huecos de las calles de Caracas, quién en el mundo se percata de la presencia de Maldonado?, Nadie, solo nuestros dirigentes que se creen gran cosota, da asco
    La Maga Lee

  10. Anonymous1:00 PM

    Avior has a very lucrative flight from Barcelona to Miami where Avior is probably getting their $.

  11. Anonymous5:42 PM

    Here is a link in spanish about the 24 Hours of Le Mans and Enzio Potolicchio:



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