Sunday, July 08, 2012

Where is Waldoniel: 2012 edition

Still out of Venezuela, I did walk in front of this bookstore window and of course I could not resist to renew with the "where is Wladoniel" series, hated by some, appreciated by others.

Today it is an easy one: after all there are only so many countries where such a window set up could exist. The winner is the first one to guess the country, with a bonus point if you can name 5 countries where the odds of such a display are realistic.

Click for details.


  1. France?
    and the list :
    - France
    - Canada
    - Belgium
    - Switzerland
    - Monaco

  2. Anonymous2:52 AM

    France is too easy so my guess is Quebec, Canada. After all you've been writing for a paper in Oh Canada.

    Alejandro, Venezuela Paraiso Perdido.

  3. Charly7:46 AM

    Daniel you are in France and the list of countries is as per Jose above

  4. Yeah, France. It was too easy. Wait for the next one.


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