Monday, August 20, 2012

Yare, brought to you since 2005 (at least)

A few minutes ago I was checking my Google Analytics on the blog and an old post of mine was receiving quite a few hits. Yes, I know, I like to check what posts a read more often even though I will still write about what I think is important.  It is my blog, you know....  Well, yesterday yet another jail in Venezuela burst in arms, at least 20 people killed, and once again the now chavista age old question: how come so many weapons find their way into Venezuelan jails and how come after so many of such incidents nothing seems to be done about it by the regime?

I am tired, I do not want to write again on Venezuelan jails, so I leave you with a 2005 post to remind readers that I have been writing about Venezuelan jails for quite a while, even before Chavez was reeelcted. And the creep wants yet another 6 years term.....  The old post, incidentally, about Yare, yesterday's murder scene, to prove to you that nothing has been done to solve this issue since at least 2005.  Why is Iris still a minister?


  1. Charly1:32 AM

    At this point, I believe iris Varela is receiving a commission for each gun and gram of coke smuggled into jails.

    1. This would be the only rational explanation, woud'nt it be?

  2. Island Canuck3:03 PM

    You can tell the kind of leader a person is by the people he has around him.

    In the case of Chavez I would ask someone to show me ministers that he has that are effective. I can only think of 2 - the ones in charge of SAIME & SENIAT.

    Every other person he has close is a total failure.

  3. Why is Iris still a minister?
    Porque los otros no quisieron meterse en ese peo.
    Funny how these revolutionaries send women in to clean up their messes (Olga Fonseca, Iris Varela), resulting in dire consequences.


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