Thursday, October 04, 2012

Apotheosis in Maracaibo

I do not know guys, I am a caraqueño transplant to Yaracuy but the spectacle of Maracaibo has unjaded more than one.
18 blocks at nearly 40C (not F) reports a reader. I am going to tell you something: maybe it is smaller than Caracas last Sunday, but in its significance it may well outstrip Caracas. Trust me on that one: you do not bring out that many maracuchos away from their AC for nothing, even less if it is a caraqueño.

Zulia goes to Capriles by no less than 10 points.


  1. And every 5 points in Zulia are in the region of 100000 votes. Is it true?

  2. Adolfo1:12 AM

    Agree with you 100% NO ONE makes us leave our AC heaven... to do that we need to feel PASSION and thats what the "Slim one" make us fell PASSION for freedom, country and peace.
    Certified by a maracucho !!!

  3. Anonymous1:38 AM

    I thought he wasn't that popular in Zulia, but thanks to Pablo's efforts the people have shown their immense respect and support for El Flaco.

    Also, everyone here should be reminded that HCF didn't have the balls to go to Maracaibo, so he settled for Cabimas.

  4. Charly1:43 AM

    That's probably why Chavez elected to go to Cabimas instead a couple of days ago. BTW, I did not see any comment on the Web about it, but when Chavez left the event after a few dance steps, you could see that he appeared totally fed-up or exhausted. My impression is that even if Capriles were to lose on Sunday, he will win on the longer term. Chavez has hardly any energy left in him and he has elected to surround himself with mediocre lackeys who double as musical chairs. Though luck!

    And tomorrow BARQUISIMETO!

  5. Island Canuck1:50 AM

    The event in Maracaibo was nothing less than incredible!

    Se ve! Se siente! Capriles Presidente!

    Hay un camino.

    An avalanche on Sunday.

  6. Dr. Faustus2:01 AM

    "...My impression is that even if Capriles were to lose on Sunday, he will win on the longer term. Chavez has hardly any energy left in him ..."

    Exactly correct. I have seen no notice of Hugo Chavez switching his PSUV electoral name to Adan Chavez. If this is true, and there is still no confirmation of this yet, and Chavez somehow/someway is declared the winner on Sunday night,
    then there will still be another Venezuelan Presidential election within a year. Chavez has a fast spreading cancer that will limit his term of office. Furthermore, Venezuela is headed toward a financial cliff within a few short months, with spectacular results. Currency devalution for sure. It will be cataclysmic. Simply put, the future of the PSUV is doomed.

    Therefore, ....stay cheerful! matter what happens on Sunday.

  7. kernel_panic2:35 AM

    The "concentracion" was astonishing, not that much because of people (just 10+ blocks filled) but THE HEAT!

    Daniel, I hope you'll soon see some nice pictures of this event ;)

  8. Anonymous2:53 AM

    Must see pic of military officers changing into red shirts. I'm sure this will be the norm tomorrow.

  9. Anonymous7:04 AM

    I was there!!! It was amazing, we filled 20 blocks! You could see, hear and feel the hope on people. Amazing vibe. Suddenly, I just found myself smiling for no reason, and when he passed through, I noticed he was our future. Despite those 42 C degrees. I can't vote, I'm only 15, but I know what's best for me.

    1. sweet. Just 3 more years until you can add your voice!

    2. Now that I have under age readers I am going to have to watch my language!!!!

    3. Daniel, have you ever heard a maracucho kid of 9-12 years old speak? They make Tupac blush

  10. Daniel, OT: were you born in Caracas upon Guaire or in San Felipe or elsewhere?
    I mean: this thing about being a caraqueño came as a shock to me.

    1. I am Caracas born and raised. That it is a shock to you is now a shock to me.

    2. Would it be a shock to him that I lived in Caracas probably more years than he has had life?

      I must be the oldest person on this blog which of course disqualifies me for others reasons ;)

    3. Don't get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with being born in either of those two places. I somehow thought you were like Vicente Gerbasi, who was born in the middle of nowhere and went to the Big World to study.
      I don't know why...some wrong impression, as Chávez's ombudsperson would say.


    4. Would it be a shock to her who tries to compete, on the basis of how long she's lived in Caracas, that that means nothing on these political blogs? What does have meaning, is how well one understands the politics, or how well one can share contributions (specific or amusing), or how well one is willing to learn from others.

    5. I don't know but her name makes me hungry for pork chops,bacon and chicharrones.

  11. Anonymous1:58 PM

    Que molleja! esos maracuchos se hecharon tremendo polo. These marches are very important; they make it quite more difficult for Thugo's cronies at the electoral system to try to change results. Great job Maracaibo!

    Alejo Venezuela Paraiso "CASI" perdido.

  12. Island Canuck2:08 PM

    Today Capriles will be in Cojedes, Apure & Lara.

    It will be interesting to see the turnouts in Cojedes & Apure where Daniel has Chavez ahead by 13.5% & 12.9%. It could be an indication of how large Capriles victory will be on Sunday.

    In Lara Daniel has HCR ahead by 11.3% so we can expect a huge turnout there to end the campaign.

    At 10 PM HCR will be interviewed on Venevison (I think it's Venevision)

    1. globovision. venevision is too chicken.

    2. Amazing! My admiration for Capriles.
      That's quite a feat, three states in one day...even with a Star Trek transporter, you will end up absolutely knackered after holding three speeches in such three different locations.
      Capriles rocks. Hay un camino, definitivamente.

  13. Island Canuck4:44 PM

    Thanks Daniel.

    It was last night he was on Venevision:

    1. Gosh! I did not know he had been to Venevision last night!!! Talk about late minute make up effort from Cisneros & Co.

    2. They called it a "hystorical moment on television". First they decide to block opposition presence from their Channel, and then they put ONE interview on and call themselves heroes. Masters i tell you.

  14. Island Canuck7:10 PM

    Ok, for those of you still doubting a win by Capriles on Sunday turn on Globo & see the thousands of people in Cojedes.

    Hay un camino!

  15. Anonymous9:40 PM

    It's raining hard in Caracas at the moment...

  16. Island Canuck10:25 PM

    Well HCR filled the streets in Apure.

    In contrast Chavez got rained on in CCS & a split screen between VTV & Globo showed the reality of people walking away & a very poor showing in comparison to HCR on Sunday.

    Very sparse crowd considering the fortune expended by the government bringing people in from all over the country. There was no emotion other than the front row focas. His "speech" was lacking energy & was very short.

    The era of Chavismo is now officially over. Barring a coup we will have a new president late Sunday night or early Monday morning.

  17. Island Canuck10:41 PM

    Here are photos & a video of the reality of Avenida Bolivar today

    The headline is that he did not half fill the avenida.

    ND is already crashing & it's only Thursday so I would forget them as news source on Sunday.

  18. Anonymous7:10 AM

    thanks for recognizing the effort made by a lot of us here in zulia, to bring people into the unity.
    i still remember the days after the primaries when a lot of people, even me, were saying that we wont vote in the presidential election, of course it only took me one day, after watching mario silva, to come to my senses, but for the rest... it is thanks to the work of UNT, pablo etc, they gave up everything else for this cause! and even tho now one recognize it, it really please me to know that you do!
    We will win on Sunday!!!!


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