Monday, October 22, 2012

So many questions......

Fidel decides (we assume he did) to prove he is alive by appearing in a picture with Elias Jaua.  So much is wrong in that picture......

Jaua was Vice to Chavez until a week ago. He is now running against Capriles for Miranda governor's mansion. Why would he go to visit Fidel, for 5 hours for a "work visit" when he should be running his campaign? Does he need Fidel to win there? Been VP for quite a while did not bring him enough notoriety in Miranda?

Why does Fidel receive Jaua to prove he is alive instead of Maduro (the heir-apparent) or Chavez? Was it just a prize for Jaua because he was Veep during Chavez reelection campaign? Why was the hotel manager in the picture? Why did Fidel wear a silly straw hat indoors?

WTF is going on? More on the succession war?

More importantly: do I need to care?


  1. Whose the witch?

  2. For a moment I thought about the hat as well: did he lose all of it or what?
    But then I thought perhaps it's Jaua who wanted to give him a silly present of a "Llanero hat", thinking such a hat is so special and unique (it is not).

    My guess is Chávez wants Jaua to get a touch of glamour.

  3. I hate guessing about all the incognitos, and there are so so many, very typical of confusing Venezuelan situations, exacerbated by mafioso tactics,and which are always a step ahead of the rest of us in terms of Machiavellian moves....and when it comes to Chavismo I have totally lost whatever absurd sense of humor I once had.

    Confusion is a tactic that highly narcissistic people use to control.Sowing false information is one way of creating confusion.I think it best to stop looking at the magic show and keep focused on the essential truths, like the mafia we are dealing with and the realistic options that are open.Personally I do not see that going to elections in the way the opposition has been going to them is a realistic plan.If people keep thinking that they are dealing with democratic conditions and that they have a handle on things, the truth will not be out there, and it's only truth that creates the light to expose .

    When we turn the light on( honesty) , the confusion will clear up and these evil clowns will be seen for what they are.In my opinion the opposition is covering up a lot.I can smell it from here, and I do not like it.This is a tactic that only creates more confusion.



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