Monday, October 01, 2012

The S.O. did make it to Bolivar Avenue

My S.O. reported in very late last night but it was worth it.  I am not including his pics in the previous post because 1) he did manage to get on Bolivar Avenue which was not possible for other readers, and 2) he did, as instructed, a more complete report  Also, as a public employee he has already been told to show up at Chavez closing rally or else, and thus this blog will publish those pictures too. Click to enlarge. Enjoy!

A gay justiciero?

COPEI still alive and well.

They came from El Valle.

A new meaning to waving the flagS?

Under our father's eye?

The Bolivar around noon, BEFORE the marches arrived, 2 hours before Capriles speech.

Not all indigenous people are with Chavez.....

A Mision Vivienda building still uninhaboted but with  a slogan alright!
A detail of the silly and meaningless slogan (apologies for the forced redundancy)

Not only the Bolivar was full but by 1 PM the overflow had filled up the Lecuna  avenue

A final flag flourish with one of Farruco Sexto monstrosities in the back, the  architecture museum....


  1. Anonymous12:06 AM

    Good to see the photos of how many were actually there.
    Many people like to comment with "proof" regarding how things are in the world, with a link to the BBC.

    Here is the BBC's take on this event, note well.. "tens of thousands" and three people "died".
    Cover the news you cannot avoid, and belittle those you don't respect, however way necessary.

    1. If the BBC reported more truthfully, it would lose a swath of ignorant readers (who think they're terribly bright) in Britain. I give you exhibit A: .
      Hat tip: "Cort Greene"

  2. Nice pictures.
    I wonder how many people are in the same situation of attending both rallies, one willingly and one forced.


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