Tuesday, October 09, 2012

VN&V in the Romney 47% debate, via WSJ

Thanks to WSJ columnist Bret Stephens for appreciating what little contribution this blog may offer.

Hat tip Juan Cristobal.  Article posted here for those with no access to the WSJ, in case the above link does not work.


  1. If you made errors, I am confident that you will think carefully about why it happened, and how you could avoid similar ones in the future. Your thoughts will become even more worthwhile. Pa' adelante, blogero!

  2. Juan CTT6:51 AM

    Well kudos for being mentioned by Bret Stephens in WSJ.

    Your post "When mediocrity and resentimiento win all over" felt like a catharsis, a self realization, that present itself very rarely in our lives. If someone from abroad ask me why Chavez did managed to be elected I will just refer a link to your post. Thank you for sharing your toughs.


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