Tuesday, October 02, 2012

When the French Left infiltrates the Venezuelan election

First, let me tell you that if ANY political party in the world were to to support Capriles political activities the way the "Front de Gauche" is supporting chavismo, we would hear screams up high in the skies (and see a few expulsions probably).

Below a few links from special envoys from France Front de Gauche (payed by France or Caracas, inquiring minds want to know). You need to understand French of course, but you also need to understand that the Front de Gauche led by Melanchon did a poor score last April in French presidential election and that his own big mouthed leader, Melanchon, got properly trounced in legislative elections of June. They are thus bitter and Chavez campaign is a vicarious healing of sorts. Note: the French Socialists currently in office deal as little as possible with these guys.

First there is nothing short of scandalous: a special kit to support Chavez reelection. I mean, just think for a minute about something as meek as the Democratic party of the US of A writing a pamphlet in support of Capriles.... Well, it is not really scandalous, rather amusing if you ask me, even though its possible damages are quite real.

And blogs about envoys sent to participate   They seem to have arrived rather late and so entries are scarce, and rather self promotional if you ask me. You know, to polish your political image back home as having fought in the South American jungles for freedom, or the Caracas jungles if not, same difference.

Alexis Corbiere is a politcal writer, promoting his book asking for a return of Robespierre. Use your imagination as to what may be in the contents. If you read his first entry you find rather eye brow raising stuff.  But the best is when he complains that the press is almost all critical of Chavez, that the media are against the poor man. Well, as a writer had he bothered to read Correo del Orinoco or Vea he should have understood why not even chavistas pay for that crap. The rest is cliché ville.... Did he watch La Hojilla?

Another blog is an elected official of the Front de Gauche. He is there to glue posters in the streets, judging from his first picture. But Francois Delapierre had higher fish to find and he found himself in the studios of Telesur. I can deduct from his writing that he had for them all the cliches they so crave. Hook, bait and sink, from 2002 to today.

And there is Corinne Morel, another elected offical, whose blog means "where the green peas are red". Need I say more?


  1. I was happy to come across this note about Daniel Cohn Bendit in today's TalCual:

    Cohn Bendit señaló que Chávez amenaza la democracia

    En el marco de la conferencia-debate que se presentó ayer en La Maison de l’ Amerique Latine de Paris, titulada "Lo que está en juego en esta elección presidencial de Venezuela", el diputado de la Unión Europea y dirigente político, Daniel Cohn Bendit, lanzó una dura crítica contra el mandatario venezolano, Hugo Chávez: "Efectivamente, este nuevo tipo de hombre político, autoritario, que encontramos también en Europa por ejemplo, tenemos en Hungría a Orbán que es un poco el mismo tipo de hombre político; es aquel que desestructura la democracia, es decir, que en lo alto del Estado está la persona mítica y todas las estructuras intermedias de la democracia quedan suprimidas, es la relación directa entre un hombre y el pueblo y eso, democráticamente, siempre es muy peligroso.

    Además, cuando vemos que Chávez, a causa de su odio por los americanos, por ejemplo, puede hacer alianzas con Ahmadinedjad, eso prueba muy bien, de hecho, su ánimo.

    Estoy de acuerdo con muchos de ustedes para decir que Chávez es un peligro para la democracia".

    1. Do not forget that Liberation was one of the first newspapers in publicly criticizing Hugo Chavez, the first in France anyway, and Liberation is close to the French Socialist Party which has kept Chavez at arms length. Liberation also is liked by Cohn Bendit.

      The Front de Gauche is recycled old commies.

  2. Charly11:06 PM

    What about Romain Migus, supposedly one of the contributors to the MUD neoliberal fraudulent document. He was recently in Caracas, helping forge it. Perhaps still is around. He is one of Melanchon's minions. If this is all the PSUV can get these days to get a helping hand, then they really are in deep @#&%. Hay un camino no joda!


    1. Romain Migus is a nobody. At least the ones I mention above are "elected officials"....... He is an idiot also as his prête-nom may have backfired and hopefully after surgery day will send him crawling back from under the rock he used to be.


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