Friday, December 07, 2012

And he is back....

He came back at 2:30 AM.  Again, in the middle of the night.  Is that the only flying corridor time between Havana and Caracas?

And why is Chavez back? For electoral purposes of course. In his comments, according to El Universal, Chavez worried about whether end of year bonus had been paid (yeah, right), commented about the coincidental dates with previous elections (imagine that!), and had Diosdado say that the regime had a chance at the 23 governor seats (might as well).

I have only one comment: chavismo must feel in trouble to drag Chavez to Caracas in the middle of the night for an impromptu campaign stop.

Does it matter? Probably not much unless all morphine-d up Chavez manages a couple of campaign appearances this week. Personally I have always been split between two scenarios where the opposition gets as little as 3 seats and as much as 6. Thus Chavez return pushes it toward 3. Big deal. The only real saddening thing in all of this is that there are so many idiots that are going to be manipulated once again with such cheap theater. Because that is what it is, theater, all arranged, nothing spontaneous, all under strict control, away of free press, no verification of info.

PS: Tal Cual seems as nonplussed as yours truly: it titles its report "El Cuento repetido", again the same story, Fidel talk included.


  1. I think Chavez has become a vampire: he only flies by night.

    1. Charly4:18 PM

      Daniel, definitely one of the most rational explanations in such a rational country.

    2. there has got to be a Knock Knock joke in there somewhere :)


  2. remember a Vampire cannot enter your home unless you invite him in :)



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