Thursday, January 17, 2013

Another day, another scandal. Or is it all planned provocation?

Chavismo seems to delight in provoking an almost daily new scandal this year. Today we learned that the decree to name Jaua foreign minister was signed by Chavez on January 15 in Caracas. Since we all know he is in Havana, it is clearly a fraud. Or a "deliberate" mistake to provoke us. After all, we know that no Venezuelan court will take upon itself to validate/invalidate the signature of Chavez on an obvious forgery. Forgery but how political....

Thus we are left with what is becoming an obvious question. Considering all the actions of the new regime today, from baseless accusations of food hoarding to rigging nomination decrees, what are the real intention of the regime? Is the regime seeking a confrontation to excuse some state of exception and avoid elections altogether  Or at least jail leading opposition candidates?

The situation is going to boil over real soon. Food shortages  whether planned by the regime or a result of its incompetence are not only rising but as far as I can tell (and I am in the food business) the regime is not doing anything to remedy that except confiscating precarious inventory, exhausted in a few days and that of course no business will bother replenishing least the regime comes calling again to steal your stuff. The 3% inflation of December coupled with food shortages and failure to offer dollars to allow business to remediate the situation with a chavista base crisped by the health of its not so living god and you have the basic ingredients to provoke something that you can blame on the opposition. As a specialist pointed out again today in Globovision, nearly half of the country has no access to independent source of information. The only news they have access to, if they have no internet or smart phone, is state media, pro Chavez  or eunuchial printed paper. Manipulation is easy, and it can only be done by the regime. AGAIN: Globovision only reaches in open broadcast Valencia and Caracas and in many areas there is not a single radio station where you can get a view different from the one of the regime.


  1. Anonymous1:38 PM

    How are Maduro et al. going to explain to The People that Chavez is no more, that the Cubans didn't do enough to save him, that the Cimeq is sub-standard to say the least, and that the plug needs pulling (or the body brought back to room temperature)? The situation gets more complicated as they falsify Chavez' signature and send confusig signals about his state of health. If I was Maduro and Co I would try to create a crisis like the one you describe before coming clean about Chavez. A news blackout would be useful to quietly deposit Chavez in his mausoleum, to later organize ceremonies, pilgrimages, statues, etc. But not without risk: The People's rage might not be easy to keep under control.


  2. The People's rage? Are you kidding? As far as they're concerned, the CIA gave Chavez cancer, Polar is intentionally causing food shortages to punish them and the oligarchy is orchestrating sabotage to the power grid out of spite. Their rage won't be directed at the government.

  3. Although everything you say and document is valid, Daniel. I am of the mind to say that the people are NOT in a rage, and will do nothing in Venezuela. They haven't protested or complained about all the constitution violations, except for a few hundred students.. As JSB says- the food shortages, etc are being blamed on the "greed" of the private companies, etc.... It will have to get a lot worse before it gets better. Even the "venerable" el universal is presenting fewer investigative articles, and so it goes on... Venezuela is a lost souls, for many years to come... As long as there are arepas and gasoline, beautiful women to hug, the typical Venezelano will not protest or complain one wink... Sad- so sad...

    1. Dennis

      JSB got it right: it is chavismo that is whipping up the rage against the side that has no responsibility in the current mess. Read my entry again.

  4. The signature:

  5. Weekend At Hugo's...He may be dead but he's the life of the socialist party!

    p.s. Muchas gracias for giving me this story idea!


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