Friday, February 08, 2013

Cadenas under the Madubello

Since Maduro and Cabello have been slugging out the Chavez inheritance cadenas have evolved some. They are shorter, nastier and more idiotic, if possible. The one from last night was a doozie. Fortunately La Patilla put it up on You tube. Short and sweet, do not miss it even if you speak not a word of Spanish. After the jump with briefs comments.


Cadena: the simultaneous, forced, mandatory, abusive forecast of any message the government wishes to pass on ALL, ABSOLUTELY ALL radio and television networks of the country, for as long as it pleases it.  Of course, there is no right of reply from any of the aggrieved parties during a cadena.

Gorra tricolor: the symbol of the Capriles campaign last year that clumsily the CNE tried to forbid making it even popular and mandatory for opposition supporters. Heck, even yours truly got his.

Scene 1.

The first half of the cadena, until around minute 1:38, is a compilation of instances through the last 13 years of Chavez wearing the Venezuelan colors. Well, in fact I do not think that any of the images is older than 2006, but I am such a nitpicker. It is not idle to note that before Chavez quite a few already wrapped themselves in the flag.

Scene 2.

Maduro claims back the "gorro tricolor". At 1:36, insults included.  There is even a cameoappearance by Diosdado Cabello at 1:52.

Why Maduro would compare his poor oratory skills to those of Chavez in the first half is a mystery to me.  Only despair inside chavismo could have pushed them to overlook such a blunder.

But why the regime would make such a short cadena to reclaim a silly baseball cap goes beyond understanding. I mean, now all political rallies from any side will wear them. So what?   Or do they actually think that Capriles and his followers will suddenly stop to wear what has become their cherished symbol?  Gimme a break!


The regime is indeed bereft; bereft of leader and ideas.....


  1. Daniel, they accomplished exactly what they wanted. People taking about this lame cadena and not about the fact that we haven't seen-hear from Chavez in 2 months.

    1. Do not be that simplistic. Nobody stops talking about Chavez missing and the lack of Harina PAN.

    2. I didn't mean to be Daniel. I just think that oppo lider should not waste a tweet regarding this issues, that's all. Cheers

  2. As I watched this cadena, it seemed like Chávez had become an anachronism (demodé). Naturally there will be those who still pine for him, like they would a lover they can't get out of their system. But I suspect that the vast majority of chavistas will never again pay him as much mind as before, even if Chávez were to make a last appearance in a vastly altered physical state. I think his charms no longer have the same effect on the population. And only history will tell whether his legacy was of any true value.

  3. Anonymous4:33 AM

    Yes, the effect that chavez has on the chavistas may never be the same, but do not fear, stupidity will always reign in the land of red

  4. feathers5:53 PM

    Excelente Daniel. I love the moniker madubello(s). Redidiculous as they are with the stupidity about they own a stupid cap, with the simbolos patrios THAT belong to all Venezuelans and specifically this design is related to non other than henrique capriles. I guess they know shit about marketing.


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