Wednesday, February 06, 2013

The MUD replies to Cabello: the F word is said

After the jump my translation of the strongly worded communique of the Unidad/MUD group.  This is a "no return" communique, if you ask me.

Sure of his impunity, one of the most representative leader of the ruling party corruption and abuse of power [Diosdado Cabello], launched an attack with more insults than evidence against representatives of Unidad, members of Primero Justicia party. The offense focuses on a party with the intention to intrigue and divide. They will not succeed.

The one who has not responded to the allegations that were made on his administration as governor of Miranda state had the nerve to take the lead prosecution role for which he lacks moral authority. The height of the immorality for the ruling party is to threaten parliamentarians Miguel Angel Rodriguez and Andres Velasquez of retaliation for their intervention in the debate. We stand behind our representatives.

The Democratic Unity Group [MUD] accuses that hypocritical  maneuver of being typically fascist. Those who refused in the same session to investigate the case of former Iranian minister arrested in Germany with a check for 300 million bolivars given by our government, approved an "investigation" which results are foretold.

We have seen the use of a  privatized public state by the group in power. National Assembly, Seniat [tax office] Sudeban [bank regulator] TSJ [high court] and Public Ministry [state prosecutors/attorneys] have been used abusively or we have been warned that they will be used as instruments of baseness for the desire for control and wealth in their attempt to demoralize and divide the democratic alternative.

We will not surrender. We will not divide. The cowardly attack of the powerful strengthens us. That is the response of the Unidad to fascism in its purest form from the accomplices and beneficiaries of the worst corruption  that abuse of power is.


  1. The communiqué would have been stronger and more courageous had it actually named the perpetrator, rather than couch the message behind "one of the most representative leader of the ruling party corruption and abuse of power".

    Time to pull more knives out than before. En su debido lugar, digo yo.

    1. Which is why I added the brackets in my translation.....

  2. I don't think it was necessary for the opposition to have specified Diosdado's name in the communique as there is a power struggle going on between Maduro and Diosdado, it might be better to stay out of it because it would only encourage these 2 people to see who can outdo whom in their aggression towards the opposition.


    I wonder if the incident with the 3 hundred million with the Iranian ex Minister could be used in the International Court to the list of the governments wrong doings?The amount in itself is staggering.



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