Saturday, February 23, 2013

Will they dare to swear in Chavez in the dark?

Venezuela is now beyond a joke. The president apparently came back in the wee hours of Monday to Tuesday night. And yet nobody knows for sure. Let me put it this way: by now, Friday early evening, there is no plausible excuse not to have someone credible to witness Chavez presence; there is no excuse not to have a current picture or something.

More importantly, there is no excuse for Chavez not to be sworn in by now.

One can understand that the president may have needed a couple of days to settle in his new quarters. But now it has been three solid days. If it is true that Chavez has enough capacity to take decisions, to sign decrees, then there is no excuse not to perform a sick bed ceremony, private, where Chavez needs only to pronounce a "lo juro", or write it down. The ceremony is simple and can be held in a sick room where we need a daughter holding the Constitution, a delegation of, say, three TSJ judges, a couple of medics, the president of the National Assembly. I am sure that whatever room Chavez is in, it is big enough to contain safely, germ free, that small crowd.

Only two explanations hold.

Chavez is a zombie, clinically dead or something. The photoshops of a week ago would point that way. The regime and it's Cuban pupetteers have not decided yet how to handle that.

The other option is that Chavez is alive but the regime is playing a dastardly sick game towards some undemocratic conclusion. It does not matter whether Chavez is recovering or awaiting the priest, he is allowing himself to be played that way, and the country along. There will be no forgiveness for those who played this dirty.


  1. My friends from Caracas arrived today a d showed me a picture of what appeared to be chavez's bloated face. They said it was taken in forte tiuna. I could not tell if he was alive.

  2. Anonymous6:53 AM

    Let us see the photo Joenative.

  3. Could you elaborate on the second one, Daniel?

    1. Also Daniel can you elaborate on what you have in mind when you say "there will be no forgivness . . . "

    2. I think that there will be a significant amount of chavistas that are going to be pissed at the whole show. Also, there will be another significant amount of chavista that can believe that Maduro and his allies killed Chavez for their own benefit. That is the seed for a future killing division within chavismo.

  4. Anonymous10:59 AM

    Do you mean he could be pretending to be more sick than he is to identify his enemies in the PSUV and the armed forces? That would explain why he hasn't met Evo Morales and other idiots who would certainly give his game away. The thing is, nobody is biting (not even Diosdado).

  5. Social Inertia1:28 PM

    This episode reminds me of the old trick, played on the streets: "Donde esta la bolita?"
    But inertia appears to be a common trait in today's Venezuela. After 3 full months the presidency seat has been vacant and yet, no majority seems to care much.
    Chavez is now Bernie (the character from "Weekend at Bernie's"), cosmetically staged for a photo op flanked with his daughters.
    Undeniably, one must give a lot of credit to the Oficialismo for they have mastered the greatest deception, not only to the Venezuelan people, but to the world as well.

    "Show me the money! Show me the body!"

    1. Social I:

      I agree and disagree.
      Agree with your comment about "inertia". The people love to talk about what is going to happen next, always in the passive voice, instead of trying to control and shape what happens next.

      Disagree with your statement giving credit to the Officialism for they have mastered the greatest deception. What deception? Who are they deceiving? Obviously they have not deceived you, or me. They are not deceiving, they are getting away with with.

      I would only give them credit for reading the citizenry correctly: they know they can get away with it, they know we are not going to do anything about it no matter how insane and outrageous their actions are.

      Keep bending over and take it Venezuelan's, obviously you like it ... Cheers!

  6. Racano1163:15 PM

    Alerta. En mi opinión cabe una tercera y aterradora posibilidad; el régimen espera una reacción, de la oposición o el pueblo (revuelta,manifestaciones violentas...etc), que justifique una toma de poder con medidas excepcionales y permita superar cualquier obstáculo legal para la legitimación de sus cargos. ¿hostigamiento?

    1. ¿Y porque nos levantariamos? No tenemos vela en ese entierro.

  7. Anonymous3:37 PM

    I think he's dying. Cuba got the monkey of its back sending patient home. Dont expect to see him again. We will not see a frailer leader than in those pics. That he has not been sworn in doesn't bother me as they always do things when you least expect. See Cuba making craftier moves than Venezuelan counterparts.

  8. We are not so even sure that he is in that room right? For all we know he could be under treatment in the US! Or he is still in Cuba, and the whole thing was staged to tune down the criticism raised thanks to the students and their protest in front of the Cuban Embassy.

  9. Charly4:29 PM

    "Venezuela is now beyond a joke". Over the years I kept hearing this expression "Venezuela se respecta". Maybe Venezuela should start respecting itself. Respect is not a due but has to be deserved.

    Conclusion of today's Pendulo by R. Poleo:

    "Nos movemos a tientas en las tinieblas. Todos, chavistas y no chavistas. Debiles y poderosos. Amigos y enemigos del Gobierno. Si eres venezolano no vales nada. No lo mereces." Ouchhh!!!!

  10. Anonymous4:48 PM

    As an aside here's Gonzalo Fernandez de Ovieda's view on the men who made up the circa 1530 expeditions through Venezuela to to Meta, the supposed golden wonderland -

    "They come only until they get some gold or wealth in whatever form they can obtain it. They subordinate honour, morality and honesty to this end, and apply themselves to any fraud or homicide and commit innumerable crimes..........In the course of these histories of new discoveries (post Aztec/Inca) there have been and will be many mutinies, ruinations and ugly deeds, mixed with treachery, disloyalty and inconstancy in some of the men who come here."

    A bit of a blogger was Oviedo methinks !

    1. Yes he was. Too bad he could not find outlets for his Ipad then....


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