Monday, April 01, 2013

Electoral AWOL

Due to business commitments preceding the alleged date of demise of our local imperator, I will not be in Venezuela this week, much preferring to attend a symposium/training course.  I have no idea how my Internet access will be or how much time I will have to scan the news and write at night. Thus the 4th installment of electoral roundup is seriously compromised. Sorry. And I have an idea that where I am going Waldoniel will have a hard time to make up a meaningful clue. But we'll try.


  1. Island Canuck5:03 PM

    Have a good, sane time away from the insanity of our country even if it's only for a week.

  2. Little or no Internet now that sounds more primitive than Venezuela. Don't drink the water or eat anything uncooked. That's why wine, beer, pate and cheese were invented.
    You know Latin too?
    Bon Chance Daniel.

  3. Michel Garcia2:58 AM

    "More primitive than Venezuela"? You going to Haiti, Daniel? O.o

    1. Some hoteles do not have free internet. This is primitiva enough.

    2. Island Canuck7:20 AM

      I wouldn't stay in a hotel without free Internet.
      It's 2013! Any hotel that thinks that charging a $10 fee or whatever for Internet access deserves to lose business.

    3. I can think of a few amazing Jungle Hotels in Costa Rica


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