Sunday, April 28, 2013

Electoral fraud mode confirmed: it is in who voted, how many times they voted, where they voted

Wrecking her life work at the very end,
and in pink innocent girl!
It came as no surprise a few minutes ago: the CNE has announced that the audit it will allow DOES NOT include the books where voters must sign after they vote. Nor apparently the system that gets your fingerprints. In other words it is a useless audit because it  indeed will count the votes that were cast but does not account for those that were allowed to cast proper votes.

What are the implications?

First, we must note the combative and bitter tone of Tibisay Lucena cadena whose words are not those of an objective umpire whatsoever. She extended in some explanations which had as sole objective to disparage Capriles and dismiss his claims  Whether Lucena is allowed to think so does not give her the right to say it aloud: she is supposed to be an umpire.  The only explanation is that she is sending a message from the regime to the opposition: screw you! For those of you that read Spanish I am linking the transcript, which of course was made available to state TV beforehand but not to others I understand.

The second implication is graver: by refusing to visit the voter registry and to check the digital prints Lucena simply admits that any irregularities in the voting process are indeed there. Thus the only way for the opposition is to demand annulment of the election where indeed they can expose the arguments of undue pressure on voters that the CNE claims it cannot receive. In short: an amiable arrangement is now impossible, show of force are becoming and almost unavoidable outcome.

The third implication is even worse: by stonewalling for so long, by trying to dismiss clumsily the opposition reasonable petition, by offering an audit that she cannot possibly lose, by refusing to examine anything where indeed irregularities could be found, Tibisay Lucena is finishing her tenure at the head of the CNE casting a serious doubt about ALL the electoral processes that she presided over. The damage she has done to the CNE in the last two weeks may well be irreparable.

Now on for the "impugnacion".

Reminder: Tibisay Lucena at Chavez funeral wearing the fascist armband
 that  chavismo has adopted


  1. glad you caught that, Daniel: Tiby in pink as the innocent party girl. Wasn't the 28th her last day at the CNE?

    I was appalled, too, by her derision of the photographs supplied from the field via the CSB. So now it's not enough for any witness to provide a verbal or written statement of an irregularity. Now each irregularity must be photographed, otherwise, it is not taken into account.

    I look forward to hearing Capriles' statements.

    Fat chance of him gaining any impartial treatment through the TSJ.

    1. Well, we know that the regime is not going to make any concession, even though this way it proves that Capriles is right, that the election was stolen. But we have to go through the hoops until we can be refused all form of justice and then go to the OAS and other international instances. The world will not help us until we prove we are willing to help ourselves.

    2. margareth1:02 PM

      "Daniel: But we have to go through the hoops until we can be refused all form of justice and then go to the OAS and other international instances. The world will not help us until we prove we are willing to help ourselves."

      How can the World help us? Oil is in the way.

    3. But venezuela does not produce enough anymore to be as indispensable as it used to be while the US produces more energy itself.

  2. Charly1:56 PM

    What a pisser, with the advent of the electronic vote, I was hoping for some very exotic form of electoral fraud like secret electronic liaison to Cuba or Argentina, parallel voting system, stealing Capriles votes to total them to Maduro, etc. It turns out it is just good old fashion ballot stuffing. These maduristas really got their brain up their ass. What a complete lack of originality. Buying the most sophisticated voting system on the planet with all the implied corrupt practices, commissions, back alley deals to win an election just in the manner cheaters have won since people started voting. Shocking indeed!

    1. chavismo is really a collection of the not-too-bright, pretending that they are, while they're supported by the thuggery of a charismatic leader and the veil of an on-the-fly morality.

      In my limited experience with the genre of good-for-nothing liars, I've concluded the following. Most folks that aren't up to much, or have a tendency to lie, normally are simplistic in their actions. So, I'm not surprised that this group of chavistas aren't more resourceful, more sophisticated in their manipulations.

    2. Good catch Charly! We should always remember that Occam's razor is a good tool to analyze chavismo.

  3. Anonymous2:02 PM

    This is all calculated, instruccions straight from effin Havana! Thats what they do there get instructions. Personally all these radical red-t-shirt bastards should follow the Estadio Municipal (Chile) faith otherwise we will alaways be stuck with them.

  4. Anonymous7:15 PM

    I have to say Tibisay is a handsome guy.

  5. Umm I don't think Tibisay is a guy.

  6. Among my contacts, the word is that Ms. Lucena now plans to get her cancer treatment in el imperio de los escuálidos, EEUU, Houston, Texas. Well, guess what? we're planning a casserole based reception and serenade literally everywhere she travels. She'll even be reminded in surgery/chemo of what a fraud she and Cubazuela are!

  7. Anonymous7:37 PM


    where can one see the original documents from the opposition?

  8. Anonymous6:20 AM

    i had followed this venezuelan elections like I was watching some kind of circus. The Maduro and company are really stupid people. They had a chance to show that that they were willing to work out with the opposition but they just proved one more time that they stole this election. No question in my mind. By they way I am not from Venezuela, but a Cuban who live happily in US. Venezolanos, fight for your rights now, otherwise it will be just too late a few years down the road. Look at the first trip of business of Mr Podrido, CUBA. That where his boss is.

  9. Anonymous10:17 AM

    "What are the implications?"

    Isn't the strategy to delay, obfuscate, and just generally argue and generate confusion over minutiae? So the best thing for Maduro is to have a debate over one type of audit that won't do much as opposed to another, which also won't do much.

    I guess I'm saying that time is not on Capriles' side in terms of overturning the election. Attacking Maduro's reputation and making Chavismo lose future elections is a different matter, and that might succeed.



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