Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wednesday fluff post

Apparently I am between Nelson Mandela and François Hollande....  For fun I took a "political compass" test and unsurprising I came left/libertarian.

My score, I am not surprised and already through the test I knew where I was going to come out.  The thing is that maybe a few years ago, before Chavez screwed up my life and the one of millions other I may have ranked a little bit more closer to the center of the green square.

Now, the "result" of current leadership is more surprising to me. I suppose they did it based on their public positions as I do not see Obama or Chavez taking it. What is interesting here is that they could not find a world politician that would fall in the mauve square. And maybe, just maybe, is what the world needs....... someone less uptight on personal choices and more worried about truly balanced check books.


  1. Anonymous9:15 PM

    Any test that puts Obama on the Right is flawed..! Not to mention, Pope Benedict to the left..???? WTF….

    1. Yep, I was waiting for some one to note and bingo! Very first one.

      I think the "test" is idiotic but it is fun. And I would put Obama in the blue quadrant though not that close to Mitt. The thing in the US folks do not realize that Democrats are right of most in Europe.

  2. Anonymous9:23 PM

    …or Mitt Romney just a bit less Authoritarian than Al-Assad?? and More Authoritarian than Chavez..???
    Gimme a break, I’m a republican but to have Obama just in the same Authoritarian Line as Chavez..?? is proof this is a French Made Test…. (just kidding).

  3. Milonga9:45 PM

    Sent you a tweet with my result. As the previous comment, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama in the exact position must mean something is wrong!! Anyway, my result sort of places me where I feel I am. Funnily, everyone calls me fascist because I criticize Unasur, Cristina, Mujica, Lula and am in favor of Capriles!

    1. Ricardo2:08 AM

      Actually if you look at the policies of Obama and Romney they are not all that different; in the US there is no "left" -- many times I have a hard time explaining that to people, and pretty much the opposite is true in Vemnezuela where there has never truly been a "right"

  4. "someone less uptight on personal choices and more worried about truly balanced check books."??

    That would be me :)

    Yet seriously Daniel, the problem with these tests is that that never measure people who are off the spectrum like many of us.


  5. Island Canuck10:42 PM

    I ended up a little of Daniel - right beside Ghandi.

    Ha, ha. Not likely.
    Dumb test!

    1. Island Canuck12:12 AM

      That's a little left of Daniel.

  6. Michel Garcia10:55 PM

    I got:
    Economic Left/Right: 2.00
    Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -4.87
    Places me on the mauve.

  7. O Daniel1:13 AM

    My first comment here, even though I have been reading for years now, with my results:
    Economic Left/Right: 0.50
    Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -0.21

    That is, the very center (on the intersection of the axis) but on the right/libertarian side. I thought of myself more like Thatcher!

  8. I'm apparently Ghandi's sister! LOL! Yeah right.
    Economic: -5.12

    1. you flower child.
      econ left -3.25
      social lib -2.82

  9. I feel Good, I'm just right there with Friedman.

    Economic Left/Right: 6.62
    Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -2.62

  10. Well, so far at least no one has confessed to be positive on authoritarian :)

  11. I ended up really closed to Daniel and Mandela:
    Economic Left/Right: -2.00
    Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -2.56
    I know living in Canada for 9 years has changed my perception in some areas. Before leaving Venezuela I would have been close to the centre but in the right quadrant.

    1. I meant blue quadrant close to the centre and to the horizontal axis

  12. econ.left/right 1.75 Social libert/Authort -5,25.How about that for a Daniel's fan. That was fun

  13. I'm about 1.5 average into the purple...I really like the fact that there are no "contemporary leaders" who fit with me... :)

  14. I'm noticing a pattern here: all the canadians are in the green quadrant. Am I right?

    1. Carolina,

      If the Canadians are falling into a pattern here, does that reflect on a general trend for Canadians to think alike and create uniformity?

      These tests are a bunch of BS...the Dalai lama, though he is the Political( not spiritual ) head of Tibet, does have some political tendencies but I can assure you that he would no fall into a testing category. :)

      f pigette


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