Monday, June 10, 2013

18 aviones, una plasta

La ultima intervención televisiva de  Jose Vicente Rangel nos dice mas sobre el poco respeto que tiene el régimen hacia sus seguidores que sobre amenaza alguna del régimen. El tipo se le ocurrió decir el domingo que la oposición compró 18 aviones para atacar a Venezuela y que esos aviones estarán listos en Colombia en noviembre.  Lo único que le faltó indicar es el numero de cuenta de ahorro de la operación para que podamos depositar dinero y ayudar ese esfuerzo opositor en el presunto ataque.

Claro está que cualquier persona con un mínimo de intelecto, con un dedito de frente, va a plantear alguna de las siguientes interrogantes. ¿Con que plata compra la oposición 18 aviones? ¿Como puede Colombia esconder tamaña aéreoflota cuando la pobre FARC no puede esconder por mucho tiempo sus campamentos? ¿Si Colombia es cómplice, porque trabaja con lo que son obviamente amateurs cuando puede usar su propio y muy bien entrenado ejercito para sacarse de encima el régimen actual?  ¿O será que Colombia nos quiere cagar sabiendo que tenemos semanas apretando ese culo por la falta de papel higiénico? ¡Que perversidad! ¡Que maquiavelismo el de Santos/Uribe!

De todas maneras Colombia se sacudió esta ultima senilidad de Jose Vicente mandándolo a la ONU a denunciar es asunto, que es donde se hacen esas denuncias cuando son verdaderas. Cuando son falsas se hacen desde una tribuna sin derecho a replica.

Para terminar con este patético y vergonzoso asunto que hunde nuestro país aun mas en el ridículo, si fuese posible, permítanme recordar la escasa credibilidad que tiene JVR hoy en día, cosa que me consta en lo personal.  Aquí el problema verdadero es el desprecio que tiene José Vicente Rangel hacia los seguidores del chavismo pretendiendo que se crean tamaño disparate. Es por eso que poco a poco van cayendo en votos porque la gente, por mas deseducada este después de década y media de proceso, se cansa de que sus propios lideres los sigan tomando por chaburros.


  1. Sorry Daniel but there are still some people who believe in jvr

  2. Anonymous3:53 AM

    English, please.
    Mi Español is muy pobre.

    1. There is a translate tool on the right. And this is a bilingual blog where I target the language of the post to the intended audience :)

  3. The coordinates given by JVR: The border city of Maicao. .

    I can't believe it. Wait. Actually, I can.

  4. Anonymous4:40 AM

    Let's get the people to rally behind the failing Maduro government by spreading absurd, paranoid rumors of imminent invasion. That always seemed to work for Hugo. Why not just attack the Falklands like Argentina did? Maduro can say Chavez and Bolivar spoke to him from heaven and that he is on a holy mission to save Venezuela from the evil gringos. Who cares about 60% inflation, no toilet paper, and the massive murder rate when there is a war? Maduro can use the magnificent 40 year old missiles he just got from Putin with the snazzy paint job. Of course, be sure and check with Papa Fidel first nino.

  5. Let´s try:
    "Jose Vicente Rangel´s last tv appearance tells us a lot more about the regime level of respect to its followers than any probable threat to the government.
    The guy latest nincompoop was to reveal that the opposition bought 18 planes to attack Venezuela and that Colombia would receive them in November. He just missed to tell what savings account was used to finance the operation so we can help the opposition in this alleged attack plot.
    It is clear that any person with a minimum level of intellect. With some neurons between the ears is going to ask some basic questions:
    The opposition has no money how are they allegedly paying for the planes? How could Colombia hide a fleet that big when the poor FARC (Colombian guerrilla) can not hide their camps very long? Can Colombia be an accessory working with obvious amateurs when having its own professional army to get rid of the regime? Or can that Colombia is trying to poop on us knowing that we have been unable to evacuate properly in weeks due to a lack of sanitary paper? How perverse! How devilish and Machiavellian of Santos/Uribe!
    Anyway, Colombia shook of this latest expression of the senile Jose Vicente asking him to denounce this to the UN. The right place to make any denounce of an actual criminal event. When you make fake claims them you air them in a tv show with no possibility of argument.
    To end this pathetic and shameful affair that sinks our country deep in the ridicule if that can be possible let me remind you of the inexistent credibility of JVR today, i can personally attest to that. The real problem here is that Jose Vicente Rangel despises Chavez´s followers asking them to believe this blunder. Thats why they loose more and more votes because people, as lacking in education as can be after a decade and a half of this so called process is getting tired that their own leaders considered them "chaburro" (pun intended to call Chavez followers as dumb red donkeys)"
    Obviously this is a free translation because my English is regular so sorry in advance for any typo

    1. Actually is not that bad and you get my gratitude for the attempt.

  6. Anonymous5:30 AM

    If el Universal's reporting is correct, why would Colombia's VP Garzón ask the UN to investigate JVR's claim?

    1. I thought I covered it but you may have lost it in the translation.

      Garzon sent Venezuela to the UN to show the world it has no solid evidence for it when it does not do so. Uribe did go to the OAS with his evidence of FARC camp in Venezuela and a few months later Chavez was eating from Santos's hand......

  7. Boludo Tejano5:14 PM

    Just incipient Alzheimer's on JVR's part. The FARC sent an invoice to the Chavernment for payment of some cocaine-running aircraft. When the FARC's invoice came to JVR's attention, he confused FARC cocaine planes with what he fantasized to be oppo plans.


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