Thursday, June 06, 2013

Do you want to know how XXI century fascism work? Listen to Diego Arria on Bayly

What is most interesting about the interview of Diego Aria at the Jaime Bayly talk show off Miami is not what he says: we all know these things. What is fascinating is that he says it and he can return tomorrow to Caracas and walk free (well, growing out a third eye in the back). That is, until the regime thinks it otherwise and any excuse will suffice to put him in jail.

That is how XXI century fascism works: you control all of the judicial system, all of the state income and then you do not need to care much about what people say about you. It does not matter what they accuse you of, they have no recourse, they cannot sue you, but you can put them in jail whenever the buzz gets annoying. The trick here, for the holders of power, is not to go so far that other countries do not feel compelled to call you a dictatorship outright.  Fortunately for us, Chavez knew how to sort of not cross in full that line but the guys in charge now are doing it. We'll see what the international consequences will be.

This being said, if you understand Spanish I hope you appreciate the courage of Diego Arria, as well as his political skill.


  1. Clearly a mature politician with very well-honed skills, not only nationally, but on the international stage. In comparison to the younger politicians, currently buzzing about, Arria is the elder statesman. Sometimes I think that if Arria had not presented himself as so combative during the primaries, if he were a better orator, and frankly, if he weren't so enamoured with perfecting his facial profile, he would have had a better chance of being accepted. Just sayin' ...

  2. feathers7:46 AM

    Great comment Daniel... I think because Arria have so many international powerful friends... the other thing is that Chavistas cannot care less... maybe things will change but... it was that they let people talk and talk...

    What surprises me of all that is happening right now with the videos etc is how nail in the head Bocaranda was (is)... I like to read him even though he sounds a little charlatanish but hey, the man has very good sources, who knew.

  3. As has been always the case in Venezuela it is not the better statesman and capable analyst that is selected to run for the presidency.(Remember Uslar Pietri and others.)Thanks Daniel for posting the interview that not only shows how right was Arria from the beginning but also his courage.One would hope that oppo leaders would listen to him,he should really be part of a strategic advisory to Capriles and mud

    1. Anonymous1:55 PM

      Arrias has the clearest mind in Venezuelan politics today, Mud should hire him as a consultant....

  4. It is just his word against theirs, so they feel they have nothing to fear.

    In trying to hold a government to account, it is usually the media that bears the burden. The media can either go along with corruption and lower standards or they can take a much stronger stance. Journalists have to find a way to respond that embarrasses these thugs and to a degree that makes them fear .Aside from journalists, how many people take to the streets in protest? As of now these liars pay no price and, as can be seen, the downward spiral picks up speed.firepigette

  5. Milonga4:33 AM

    I just love this interview! The other day Arria said that the campaign was over and Capriles should leave his bonnet behind and be serious... Actually, I am starting to lose my patience. What about you?


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