Thursday, June 06, 2013

Mario Silva viewed by Alma Guillermoprieto

You know that a Venezuelan "miscellaneous" has made it big when Alma Guillermoprieto has taken the time to listen and dissect it.


  1. Boludo Tejano1:40 AM

    In the conversation with the Cuban agent, Silva is accusing Diosdado Cabello of immense, hardly conceivable corruption.

    Dunno. Sounds like rather conceivable corruption to me. Or is Alma playing devil's advocate? Or the police chief in the movie Casablanca?

    How big is the mess President Nicolás Maduro now finds himself in, and how strained are relations between the Cubans and Maduro now that the Maduro knows that his Cuban friends are running agents on him behind his back?

    As if Maduro didn't already know about Cuban intelligence agents. Come on, Alma, are you that much of a naif? Or playing devil's advocate?

    Megacorruption and Cuban agents: no big surprise for those who read oppo blogs. Alma are you REALLY that surprised?

    1. yes, blogs need to be taken more seriously!

  2. a coupla words on behalf of Alma.

    First, that is the BEST write-up on MarioSilvagate that I've read, in either language.

    Second, Alma is writing to an external, non-Venezuelan, non-chavista or PSF crowd. As such, she liberally uses some hyperboles to describe the immense fortune that Diosdado has garnered. I agree that, in principle, she should have mentioned figures. But to the mostly poetic (if not naïve) liberals that read the NYT, figures would be meaningless with, or without context -- and where does one begin with context, insofar as Venezuelan shambles are concerned.

    Third, see my second point regarding Alma's readership, insofar as Maduro's knowledge of Cuban intelligence agents, and megacorruption. Alma is weaving the background and spoon feeding it to an audience, raised on premium Pablum.

    That's my take.

    1. I was being facetious. But I agree with you, not only it is the best write up on silvagate, but probably the only one worth reading.


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